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Just adding to Krishan remarks,I was also an LME,served from 1974-1984 and now well settled in civil life.Had this issue been given more exposure,it would have had more pressure on our corrupt system.But better late than never.Thank god and god bless all those who helped achieve our goals.Dilbagh singh Randhawa.My Ph.# after October 15,2017 till end of nov.2017 will be 819 904 1962.If,i could render any help.thx.&my warm regards to you all.

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Supreme Court grants Special Pension to ex-Naval Sailors
How soon the navy will implement this order of supreme court still remains un answered.Secondly,I encourage fellow sailors to abstain using derogatory remarks for naval chiefs or the navy.Remember it fed you and your family for whatever service you guys rendered while being in service.Pls.advise me how to join this association and how much is the total fee,sothat,I could also contribute my share.I am Dilbagh singh #104582N,served from july1974 to 1984 july.Direct entry batch of 2/74.Discharged as an LME from INS kirpan which was on deputation to coast guard in 1978.Thanking you all who are struggling for all of not hesitate contacting me via email.
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Supreme Court grants Special Pension to ex-Naval Sailors
I dilbagh s.randhawa(ex-LME).really appreciate the tireless efforts put by the hard working ex-servicemen of the great naval force.I just talked to one of my colleagues who apprised me of the decision given by the honorable judge.Better late than never.Kudos to all.thx.

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