Indian Navy replies to RTI queries on 10 years Reservists requested by Advocate Niranjan Chakaraborty and the same is being published for information to all 10 years reservist pensioners.

Question 1 : How many sailors were kept in Fleet Reservist Category on completion of Active service of 10 years from 1968 to 1986 with year wise break down.

Answer to Q1 : Fleet Reserve was de-activated from 1976 onwards vide GOD MoD letter AD/5374/2/2214/2/3(N II) dated 03 Jul 1976 (copy enclosed). There is no record of sailors in Fleet Reservist category on completion of active service 10 years from 1968 to 1976 held at IHQ MoD (N)
Question 2 : When the “Release” procedure initiated prior to release from the minimum contractual active service of 10 years. 

Answer to Q2 : Sailor was enrolled for period of 10 years. Continuous service sailors of all branches were liable, if required for further 10 years service in the Indian Fleet Reserve IAW Regs 269 of Regs Navy Part III (copy enclosed) and sailors were discharged from service IAW regs 274 of Regs Navy Part III

IN Ships
Question 3 : Whether sailors who furnished “Unwillingness” on completion of 10 years active service, for further service were kept in Fleet Reserve / drafted to Fleet Reserve and whether they were granted pension.

Answer to Q3 : Sailors were enrolled for 10 years IAW Regs 269 of Navy Part III (Copy enclosed) and non-completion of active service were drafted to fleet reserve. However, no record, regarding whether sailors who furnished “Unwilling” on completion of 10 years active service exist in this office. Towards grant of pension, IAW regulation 78 of pension Regulation 1964, the minimum qualifying service is 15 years.

Question 4 : If yes, full particulars with provision of relevant rules / regulations.

Answer to Q4 : Not Applicable

Question 5 : Complete list of sailors who furnished “unwillingness” with such “Unwillingness Certificate” from 1968 to 1988.

Answer to Q5: There is no records of Fleet Reservist held.

Question 6 : How many sailors were called for training during Reservist period from 1968 to 1988

Answer to Q56: There is no records of Fleet Reservist held.

Question 7 : How many Fleet Reservist sailors and Fleet Reserve officers were called for was duties during 1971 Indo-Pak war ? Please provide complete details such as of reservist strength vis a vis called for active duties.

Answer to Q7: There is no records of Fleet Reservist held.
Question 8 : What is the relevant regulation under which “Fleet Reservist” service of 10 years is counted as five years of active service for the purpose of service pension of otherwise.

Answer to Q8 : No such regulation is existing in Navy (Pension) Regulation 1964 under which “Fleet reservist service of 10 years is counted as five years of active service for the purpose of service pension. However 15 years qualifying service is necessary for grant of service pension in accordance with Regulation 78 of Navy (Pension) Regulation 1964 and as per regulation 92(1) of Navy (Pension) Regulation 1964 “a reservist become eligible for grant of reservist pension on completion of prescribed naval service of 10 years and reservist service of ten years” (copy enclosed)

Question 9 : Whether any sailor who joined the Indian Navy post independence has been granted such pension (10 years active + 10 years Fleet Reservist service) and / or are in receipt of such pension with full details.

Answer to Q9: There is no records of Fleet Reservist held.

Question 10 : Details of sailors who were kept/drafted to Fleet Reserve and granted pension with copies of “Unwillingness Certificates”

Answer to Q10: There is no records of Fleet Reservist held.

Question 11 : Whether sailors who participated in 1946 Naval uprising in support of the release of INA prisoners and India’s freedom movement from the British rule continued with the Indian Navy after independence ? Were such sailors granted pension, special promotions and were they recognised as “Freedom Fighters ?”

Answer to Q11: There is no records of Fleet Reservist held.

Question 12 : Who was the last British Admiral commanded Indian Navy and handed over command to an Indian Admiral with name, year month and date.

Answer to Q12 : Vice Admiral Sir Stephen Hope Carlil handed over the command on 22 Apr 1958 to Admiral Katari.




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  • {Ex LEM (R) No.57387 Indian navy ( Submarines, 8th SSqd.) } Limaye Avinash Shridhar. says:

    I am stating the Modality Observed By Navy. When I put request , My unvilling ness to extend my active service tenure of 10 Years as initially signed, during self recruitment on 1st April,1969, Futher I was told that My servies will be counted double, since I volenteerd and became Ualified for Submarine Arm. Except increased submarine pay and allownce nothing happen. Since Stagnetion in the ranks and rigors of the Duties and No rewards and compensation, in due cource I ws asked to exend and pressuraised to sign further for Five Years More, Loking back at the Servce conditions not immproved thn / so far I opt not to sign futher and then was realesed for the service, with out any benifits of service put up so far ( acclarated Pramotin. Family accomodation, Monetoy or Athority increadse Benrfit. Now Me and My Family Spouce have became Seior Citizen, and can not work and ean our lovely hood and leave at the Mercy of Syblings. Our pension may please be instituted, we pray for our dignity of life, as ExServiceman & Family ( Spous ).

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  • Dear all , This is a delibrate act of GOI and IN on innocent Boys entry recruits and well aware of damage to people and reputation. As the Boys entry reservist sailors, family and children’s most of them washed away due to cut corners on reservist pension and other facilities and play the game of prove – dis-prove in AFT and SC is utter foolish. Wrong is Wrong and to be punished for the heavy damage by the victim and families. What we do when we don’t like?We can’t digest such delibrate act.

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  • Dear All
    The Indian Navy dispensed from keeping the sailors on reserve from the year 1976. This action was taken at the executive order of the Ministry.. However. the Navy Act was amended only in the year 1978 with retrospective effect subject to no individual is affected. where as in our case, we have been affected and the contract entered by us to serve for ten years and then to place us in fleet reserve. This act is breach of contractual terms and conditions of the service. Either Indian Navy or the MOD has placed the matter to the seventh pay commission whereas the short commissioned officers served 7 – 10 years are recommended to draw minimum pension.


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  • Ramachandrarao Mohan says:

    Dear all, From all the way such as 10 years release petioner , Various AFT, Expert committee, DM, recent SC report on reservist / special pension for the respectives served 10 long years. Indian Navy is very much trickily mastermind cut corners stating Indian navy had option of + 5years (Dictator ship) for release sailors to serve to qualify facilities and pension.Other hand again cut corners stated Indian navy had blocked / stopped reserve 10+10 years reserve liability from year 1976 so either way Indian navy stop facilities and resrvist / special pension.

    Let us don”t think about luck any more as the highest authority fail. Why bother we have un-match able “skills” live happily.

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  • Surinder Kaushal says:

    As honourable supreme Court has given its decision on Aft chennai order now in favour of ex Sailors with 10 years service on 27/10/2016 and to pay all Sailors with 10 years service not only who appealed but all such cases. Till to date Navy has not intitated any action. Don’t know Why our Government is so adament when it comes to pay to ex servicemen who have given their prime time period of life for the nation. Regards Surinder Kaushal EX Navy sailor.

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  • sunil kumar Anand says:

    do we need to submit our application , individually .
    how we go about it?

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  • Ashok batham says:

    Pls anyone can share the judgement of supremecourt for above matter I am also a retired in 1986 after completion of 10 years service so pls share the copy of judgement at following email I’d.

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  • sethumadhavan says:

    what is the meaning of UNCATOGRISED Please advice

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  • VPR Nair says:


    I was serving in Indian Navy for 10 years and retired on February 1981. There are so many letters and replies with regard to pension/ special pay to to fleet reserve category. There are so many ex sailors of this category are not rich enough to meet their medical and other day to day expenses. They find it very difficult to meet the end. Can I have word; whether we will get the pension or special pay. regards

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  • Pradeep Singh says:

    I am ex coast guard sailers . I got discharge from coast guard on componsate ground . Am I eligible for pension .

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  • Pradeep Singh says:

    I am ex Indian coast guard senior sailor . I got discharge from coast guard on componsate ground . Am I eligible for pension .

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  • Alphonso Miranda says:

    I am also ex indian navy sailor joined on 07 July 1974 and released on 31 Dec 181984. I have completed 10 years service. In those days life on naval ships was very hard.i remember along with fellow sailors. Today life is good .naton has progessed.pleasetreatest
    Us as patriots.
    Alphonso Miranda
    Ex.po wry 104490

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  • Alphonso Miranda says:

    When order was issued by GOI to discontinue fleet reserve w.e.f 03 Jul 76. Sailors were not informed by respective commanding officers. Present day senior officers are not aware of the plight of sailors who served the navy for more than 10 years. When civilians are given pension after 10 years, what fault we have done. They do 7 hrs duty a day and we have done 24 hours duty for protecting the territorial integrity our country,and today we are neglected by our country.inthose days country was having less resources,but today country has prospered. A grateful nation should recognise the sacrifice these sailors who sacrificed their youth for sake of patriotism. In those days we could not afford a bicycle with our pay. Whatever gratuity and service benefits we received can be compared to very petty amount.

    Alphonso Miranda
    Ex-POWTR 104490B

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  • I P M MOHANAN EX Leading signal man no 54603 joined in the navy on 16 July 1968 and was released from navy in 2 jan 1979 after 10 yrs and 8 months of service I now understand that Iam eligible for special pension.Please note my following submission very interestingly which will be of vital information for retired sailors like us .Sri KULWANT SINGH Ex seaman service no 85534 enrolled in navy on 15 April 1967 and discharged on 30 April 1977 is drawing pension .It is said that he was enrolled in royal Indian Navy.Please note his home address Sri Kulwant singh, Village Jansul,Po Jansul Tehsil District Ambala .his wife’s name is smt:Surinder Kaur.the copy of his duplicate certificate is signed by, as TRUE COPY ,By PVR KRISHNSN Commander staff officer[GB] for logistic officer in charge. The duplicate discharge certificate no issued to Kulwant Singh is 871 FILE NO BOS/GB/85534 DATED 21 MARCH 2013 .Please do the needful if this information is relevant.on discharge certificate it says he is discharged on 30 Apr 1977 as PENSIONER .This information has not been submitted by me earlier

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  • kamal borgohain says:

    i have seen so many enquires about the special pension for the 10 years active service Indian navy sailors, but not a single reply is given by the Indian Navy authority. the Supreme Court of India has given the verdict in favour of sailors for their special pension. I request the Indian navy authority to make necessary arrangement to release the special pension to the sailors. only a few ex-navy sailors will be benefitted as many of them are already left this world.

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  • Sanjay says:

    Supreme Court delivered the judgement regarding pension to ex-navy sailor with 10 years service more than six month ago.
    Navy / Govt. has neglected it under the pretext of studying it. Is there any time limit to implement the judgement. What if Navy takes another 20 years to implement (till then all these already old sailors will be dead).
    There should be time limit to implement the decision or it should be treated as contempt of court.
    Complete process is mess.

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  • Sanjay says:

    We can come together and approach Anna Hajare who is also a ex-serviceman. I am trying to get in touch with him anyone interested please contact me.
    We will have to go on DHARANA AND FAST UNTO DEATH at Junter Manter.

    No government cares for us. Govt. even does not care for Supreme Court decisions.
    Again Supreme-court has no mechanism to check whether its decisions are implemented or not. Navy sings its own song without caring for its own ex-sailors.
    God bless us.

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  • Ashok batham says:

    Sir any content of court filled against SPL pension schemw

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  • Syed. Zargham Husain Ex.LME No. 94720 says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have served in Indian Navy from 20 September 1969 To 20 September 1979.
    Kindly let me know whether I am eligible for Special pension or not and also please let me know the procedure, to whom I should approach in case of eligibility.

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  • GENGUSAMY GN says:

    I have served in INDIAN NAVY from 09-04-1974 and discharged from Navy 30 04 1984 Whether I am eligible for special pension

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  • L.C.LINGAM says:

    Frustrated Sailors ro launch a protest like OROP at Delhi and conquer this issue.All concerned sailors should be organised and should be alerted for this issue or the case should be taken up to the constitutional bench for further review.Then we ma get some relief


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