There are 2 paths available to every one, let it be a person or a firm, a partnership, a company or association of any number of persons or a organization.

PATH 1 : There are people who say it is very very difficult to gain freedom. One you are born in free country you are lucky to have certain rights. To protect you from violation of any of your rights, you have the freedom to approach appropriate authority and if you are still not satisfied, you have the freedom to approach judiciary.

PATH 2: There are people who say it is useless to fight for anything. Why should he / she fight. Let others fight for it. Lot of money and time is required to fight. I cannot spare it, so I will not fight. I will bear with me even if my rights are enjoyed by others. I will only curse them. Even God will not save them from curse.

Path to Mediation, Arbitration or Litigation

MEDIATION: This path is most attractive. In case of any problem or dispute, you should consult and get counselled through your relatives, friends, neighbors and mediation centers promoted by the Government. The hearing of this can be at your home or home of your friends, relatives or authorities. You have a hearing of most amiable atmosphere and that too free of cost. Go for it as first priority. The decisions arrived at this type are not binding upon the parties to the dispute. All types i.e. Civil and Consumer & compoundable criminal disputes can be settled through the mediation.

ARBITRATION: This path is also attractive. In this path, you may have to spend some money according to your choice and the hearing shall be at your choice of city / place. You will be attended solely and your privacy of business or transactions can be kept secret. Go for it if your dispute is not resolved by mediation. All types i.e. Civil and Consumer & compoundable criminal disputes can be settled through the Arbitration. The decision arrived shall be in the form of Award and it shall become binding upon the parties to the dispute. The Award is equivalent to a decree of a court.

LITIGATION: This path is the last resort but not so attractive. It has to be fought at the places meant for it i.e. Authorities, Tribunals, Forum, Commissions and Courts. You may have to engage legal professionals too. You will have to reveal all facts of the cases and governing laws on it and also have to prove your right to fight for it.


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    If your mother has transferred house in only one daughters name and that daughter has left her in aged home can the other children claim their share

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