Comment on HR policies for workers by Amber Bhatnagar.

I am serving notice period of 2 months as per my employment letter and company policies. My manager is trying to extend my notice period from day 1. He didn’t start my transition till day 17, after 17 days he aligned a Junior resource with me and after 2 days he said that due to some work that resource is not able to work with me. He will aligned him with me in last 15 days. Now I have reamainng 15 days in organization and he said that he can’t align with him. So he will aligned him with me on last 2 days.

And he is insisting me to learn a new project and transfer the knowledge which I will learn to the team. I denied to work on that project told that why don’t you transfer the knowledge directly, there is no need to ask me to learn and than teach the same to other. I may not learn the process in reaming days and there is higher possibility that I can’t transfer the knowledge. As process is very critical, so please aksing someone else.
He said that you have to learn. I strictly refused him and said him that I will not do a new prceess. That he tharten me that he will terminate me.

I want to know that I am doing my duties carefully. Can he terminate me, should I take any action against him.

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