1. HR Policies for medium sized company: These policies are effective from 01.04.2007.


2. Classification of Grades: The staff shall be graded with designation followed by the functional designation. e.g. a General Manager of Business Development at Head office will be designated as General Manager – BD. It may further be clarified for Roads as General Manager-BD (Roads) or a General Manager-BD (Mines); a General Manager posted at a site shall be designated as General Manager (Nalbari Highway Project) or say General Manager (Ledo Mines Project) and Managers are equated with Sr. Engineers.


(A) Chairman and Managing Director

The Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) is Head of the Board of Directors. Key responsibilities are described at Annexure-2(A)


(B) Executive Directors

All the Directors of the Company report directly to CMD. Key responsibilities are described at Annexure-2(B)


(C) Senior Management = General Manager, Senior General Manager, Assistant Chief General Manager, Deputy Chief General Manager, Additional Chief General Manager, Chief General Manager. Key responsibilities are described at Annexure-2(C)


(D) Junior Management= Asst. Manager, Dy Manager, Addl Manager, Manager, Asst General Manager, Dy General Manager, Addl General Manager. Key responsibilities are described at Annexure-2(D)


(E) Executives = Asst Executive, Dy Executive, Addl Executive, Executive, Dy. Senior Executive, Senior Executive, Asst Chief Executive, Dy. Chief Executive, Chief Executive, Senior Chief Executive. Key responsibilities are described at Annexure-2(E)


(F) Support Staff = Asstt Helper / Assistant Peon, Dy Helper/ Dy Peon, Helper / Peon, Senior Helper / Peon, Chief Helper / Peon, Asst Supervisor, Dy Supervisor, Addl Supervisor, Supervisor, Senior Supervisor, Asst Chief Supervisor, Dy Chief Supervisor, Additional Chief Supervisor, Chief Supervisor, Senior Chief Supervisor. Key responsibilities are described at Annexure-2(F)


3. Classification of Pay Scales: the staff shall serve in following pay scales. The Form for classification is at Annexure-3


4. Classification of appointment: the staff shall be appointed as follows:


(A) Permanent

A “permanent” is a staff who has been engaged on a permanent basis and includes any person who has satisfactorily completed a probationary period of six months in the same or another occupation in the company, including breaks due to sickness, accident, leave, lock-out, strike (not being an illegal strike) or involuntary closure of the establishment.


(B) Probationers

A “probationer” is a staff who is provisionally employed to fill a permanent vacancy in a post and has not completed six months’ service therein. If a permanent employee is employed as a probationer in a new post he may, at any time during the probationary period, be reverted to his old permanent post. The probationary period may be reduced or extended by the m


(C) Trainees

A “trainee” is a learner who is paid an allowance during the period of his training.


5. Identification of Staff:

(A) Every member of staff shall be issued Identity Card which the individuals must hang around the neck in a suitable string, during the time they are in the office premises.


(B) Every member of the staff must show the card on demand by the Security and other authorized personnel to check the identity of the person from time to time.


(C) HR will charge suitable amount of money for issue of Duplicate Card or for Lost Card. The identity Card must be surrendered to the HR department, before leaving the Company.


6. Staff Notice Board:

A place easily accessible to staff, preferably near the entrance / Time Office shall have a Staff Notice Board, where all the communications to staff like Office Orders, Circulars, Working Hours, Holidays, main HR policies and also any change in HR policies shall be displayed.


7. Publication of working time:

(A) The periods and hours of work for all classes of staff shall be exhibited in English in the establishment on notice-boards maintained at or near the main entrance of the establishment and at the time-keeper’s office, if any. Working hours shall be 9.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. with half an hour Lunch break from 1.30 p.m. to 2 p.m.


(B) The total numbers of working hours in a week will not exceed 48 and break for Lunch will not exceed half an hour in a day.


(C) One weekly holiday shall be observed after every 5 or 6 days of working days in addition to holidays. The Company observes Sundays as weekly holiday.


(D) All personnel are required to reach / leave the office as per office timings displayed on the notice board of the company and must give their attendance through finger touch machine at the reception / entrance gate of the premises. If finger touch machine is not installed / not available / not functioning on a day, every person must make his arrival entry in the register or sheet kept at the entrance gate of the premises and the same shall be counter signed by the Receptionist / Time Keeper.


(E) Only 3 late comings up to 10 minutes are allowed in a calendar month. However, HR may allow 1 out of these 3 late up to 20 minutes in a calendar month if an application made by the person is recommended by the HOD. Any one reaching late by more than 10 minutes for more than 3 times in a calendar month until approved by HR shall be subjected to deduction of Salary/Wage.


(F) Only 2 Short leaves of 2 hours duration are allowed in a calendar month. Such a leave may be availed for starting, intervening or ending period of working hour of the day. All personnel are required to get this leave sanctioned from HR department through their Head of the Department in advance or before joining ex-leave. The Form for availing short leave is at Annexure-7(F)


(G) Non Senior/Junior management personnel, who work beyond the prescribed working hours shall be given Over-Time remunerations, double the amount of proportionate rate of their Gross Remunerations of the month. (Re-imbursements, Bonus, Gratuity, Insurance premium and LTA shall not be counted towards counting of overtime remunerations). Such remunerations shall be paid along with salary of the month and these are subject to deduction of Income Tax as per rules. The Head of Department which require a person to work over time is required to send following particulars on Daily basis, before or immediately after the performance of the work. HR department will send Overtime Statement to Accounts Department along with Attendance of the month for payment to the concerned person. The Form is at Annexure 7(G)


(H) All personnel proceeding out side their work place, office or site for official duty, during the working hours are required to fill a Out Side Duty Slip and get the same sanctioned from HR department through their Head of the Department as soon as possible or within 24 hours of such a duty. Personnel overstaying the time mentioned in the slip are required to submit explanation to the satisfaction of their HOD. Personnel proceeding out from the premises without proper slip may be subjected to enquiries by the Reception or the Time Office and may be stopped to exit without proper permission. Personnel who had proceed out side the premises without taking  proper sanction, shall be treated absent from their place of duty and HR may record the same and the management may take any action against such a person for the misconduct.


8. Publication of holidays:


List of Holidays are notified to all the members of the staff and also placed at the Notice Board of the Company. Generally the Company observes following holidays.


(A) New Year Day – on 1st of January

(B) Republic Day – on 26th January

(C) Holi – as declared and placed on the Main Notice Board

(D) Raksha Bandhan – as declared and placed on the Main Notice Board

(E) Independence Day – 15th August

(F) Gandhi Jayanti – 2nd October

(G) Dussehra – as declared and placed on the Main Notice Board

(H) Deepawali – as declared and placed on the Main Notice Board


The Notice for placing on Notice Board is at Annexure-8


9. Publication of Pay Days:

(A) For all the management the Salaries and Wages are paid on 7th of every month but may be extended up to 3 days of grace in case of critical situation of any kind notified / declared by the Company to all the staff.


(B) All personnel other than the management working at Offices



10. Classification and Leaves:

Leaves have been classified in following 4 categories.


(A) Earned / Privilege Leave

(B) Casual / Sick Leave / Medical Leave

(C) Maternity Leave / Paternity Leave

(D) Compensatory Leave


Application for leave must be submitted as defined in Annexure-10.



(A) Earned / Privilege Leave:

(i) The company gives 1.5 days of Earned Leave on completion of every calendar month and it shall be credited to the leave account of the person on completion of the month. In total there shall be 18 days leave in a year.


(ii) If a person has joined the company in the middle of any month, proportionate leave shall be credited to the leave account of the person at the end of the calendar month and if a person has left the company in the middle of the moth, proportionate leave benefit shall be given to the person in the full and final payment to that person.


(iii) The balance leaves as on 31st March shall be carried forward to every next year till these accumulate to 180 days.


(iv) On completion of 1 year in the service, a person is entitled to encash up to 15 days leave, once in a year.


(v) On resignation, leaves not exceeding 180 days shall be encashed and paid along with full & final payment to the person. However, if a person has applied for Annual Leave and it was not granted, the same can be carried forward beyond the limits specified above with the approval of the General Manager concerned


(vi) Intervening holidays declared by the Company and falling within continuation of this leave, shall be counted on leave on that particular holiday.


(vii) A person who desires to obtain Earned Leave shall apply to HR department through Head of Department in the prescribed format at least 15 days before the commencement of leave. Head of Department will Recommend / Not Recommend / Postponed / Advise giving reasons and forward the same to HR department within 2 days from the receipt of application by HOD. HR department will advise the applicant whether his/her leave is sanctioned or not sanctioned with reasons. Delay in putting up to such application may be condoned by Head of HR department.


(viii) If a person after proceeding on leave desires an extension thereof he shall apply to HR. The HR will refer the same to Head of Department of the person and on getting its consent, the HR shall send a written reply either granting or refusing extension of leave.


(vix) If a person remains absent beyond the period of leave originally granted or subsequently extended, he shall lose his lien on his appointment. Such lien may be restored only by a Director of the Company.


(vx) If a person applies for leave or applies for extension of leave or do not apply for leave and the same is not sanctioned by the HR department, the applicant will not be paid any remunerations for the period of absence. Such a person shall be considered on un-authorised leave amounting to misconduct and under such circumstances the Company may take a disciplinary action for the misconduct in addition to deduction of Salary for the period of absence.


(vxi) If a person applies for leave or applies for extension of leave and there is no EL/PL at credit balance of such a person but the management is convinced of the need of the person. In such a case leave may be sanctioned as “Leave without pay” at the sole discretion of the Head of the HR with consultation of Head of the Department.


(vxii) The EL can be taken only 3 times in a year. Additional time if any has to be condoned by HR under special circumstances, if applied by an individual, with specific reasons and explanations to the satisfaction of HR.


(B) Casual / Sick Leave

(i) The Company gives 1 day leave on completion of each month. In total there shall be 12 days leave in a year.


(ii) Such leave is intended to meet special circumstances which cannot be foreseen. Ordinarily, the previous permission of the head of the department in the establishment shall be obtained before such leave is taken, but when this is not possible, the head of the department shall, as soon as may be practicable, be informed in writing of the absence from and of the probable duration of such absence.


(iii) Such leave shall not be for more than three days at a time except in case of sickness.


(iv) The balance of such leaves on 31st March, shall not be carried forward to next year. The un-availed balance of leaves shall lapse at the end of the day of 31st March each year.


(v) These leaves are not allowed to be encashed and on resignation, no compensation or encashment is allowed for these leaves.





(C) Maternity Leave / Paternity Leave

(i) The Company gives 90 days maternity leave for pre-netal or post netal or combined for both period for care & rest of would-be mother. The Company gives 15 days paternity leave to the father of would be mother.


(ii) Maternity / Paternity leave can be availed only 2 times in entire service of the Company.


(iii) This leave shall not be given for a 3rd child, even if any of the first 2 children are born, adopted or received in a re-union with another spouse after divorce / dissertation.


(iv) Pre-netal or Post-netal period certificate from Doctor (MBBS Gynaechologist / Obstetrician) shall have to be submitted to HR along with application for such a leave.


(v) This leave can not be encashed or carried forward to next year if not availed for such an occasion.


(D) Compensatory Leave: When a person has worked for 8 hours on his weekly off day or a Holiday declared by the Company, when not on tour, a day for such working is added to credit of Casual Leave Account or Compensatory Leave account of the person. Such a person can avail the compensatory leave as per rules of Casual Leave and these leaves can not be carried forward to next year and will not be encashed.


11. Payment of wages

(i) All the persons shall be paid their Salaries on a working day before the expiry of the seventh or the tenth day after the last day of the month in respect of which the salaries are payable.


(ii) The salaries shall be paid by cash or by cheque or may be credited to the bank account of the employee, at the option of the staff.


(iii) Income tax (TDS) shall be deducted on estimation of the salary of the year and certificate for having deducted the TDS shall be handed over to the staff as prescribed under the Income Tax Laws.


(iv) Staff is required to inform of their savings and tax planning to HR/Accounts department well in time and when ever asked for to ensure proper deduction of TDS.


(v) If a person do not give declaration of savings on due date to HR or Accounts Department, his/her salary will be paid considering no savings made by that person.



12. Disciplinary actions

The company expects proper discipline at all levels and may suspend or  terminate the services of any member of the staff for misconduct defined below:


(a)  Wilful in-subordination or disobedience, whether alone or in combination with others, to any lawful and reasonable order of a superior

(b)      Theft, fraud or dishonesty in connection with the employer’s business or property,

(c)      Willful damage to or loss of employer’s goods or property,

(d)      Taking or giving bribes or any illegal gratification,

(e)      Habitual absence without leave or absence without leave for more than 10 days,

(f)       Habitual late attendance,

(g)      Habitual breach of any law applicable to the establishment,

(h)     Riotous or disorderly behaviors during working hours at the establishment or any act subversive of discipline,

(i)       Habitual negligence or neglect of work,

(j)       Frequent repetition of any act or omission in company’s work

(k)      Striking work or inciting others to strike work in contravention of the provision of any law, or rule having the force of law.

(l) In case of any dispute among a member of the staff / Senior / Official of the Company, an enquiry may be conducted by the HR department.

(m) The enquiry officer after giving an opportunity to the person of being heard shall pass order as he thinks proper on the appeal within fifteen days of its receipt and communicate the same to the person in writing.


13. Staff Grievances / Complaints

(i) The Company has a Grievances Redressal system for all the members of the staff.

(ii) Any member of the staff can verbally or in writing, put up their grievances / complaints against any staff or worker or system, to the Head of HR department, who shall redress the same as soon as is possible and if not redressed, will forward the same to the immediate superior Director of the Company. Chairman and Managing Director is the final authority for redressal of grievances and complaints


14. Certificates to Staff

The Company or its authorized official shall issue a certificate of Service, of remunerations, of TDS, or any other certificate as may be feasible while in service, on resignation, dismissal or retirement from service.


15. Use of Mobile Phones

With a view to ensure that the executives stay in touch with the office and are available on connectivity, the company provides corporate mobile phones to selected officials of the Company. Those who are not provided with such phones are identified and given suitable re-imbursement ranging from Rs.500 to Rs.2500 per month solely at the discretion of HOD/Site In-Charge depending upon the use of the telephone and sanction taken from HR department.


16. Staff Suggestion Scheme

With a view to encourage staff participation in utilisation of existing resources of the company and save on expenditure of the company, the management expects the staff to give concrete suggestions for improvement. The suggestions shall be evaluated by the experts committee constituted for the purpose. The suggestion may be accepted or rejected at the discretion of the committee. If the suggestion is accepted, it shall be put on practice on trial basis and results shall be monitored. If the out-come of the trial proves worthy, the person giving the suggestion shall be rewarded suitably for giving Best Suggestion of the year. First Prize – Rs.10,000/- Second Prize – Rs.5000/-; Consolation Prize – Rs.1,000/-.


17. Recruitment of Personnel

(A) In order to adopt a uniform and systematic approach for all the offices and sites of the Company, Head of Departments / Sites are required to fill up all particulars of the vacancy on “Staff Requisition Form” and forward the same to HR department (HRD) at Head Office. HRD will discuss the same with concerned Director and take a sanction. Alternatively the Site may take sanction of concerned director and forward the “Staff Requisition Form” to HRD. The Form is at Annexure 17(A)


(B) The Project Directors / Managers may fill the vacancies from local applicants but must send the Staff Requisition Form along with Resume to HRD to enable it send the Appointment Letters.


(C) When a requisition is received by HRD, a primary search shall be made of such a person on RESDEX of and the job will be hosted on the web-site of or any other suitable medium. The response shall be contacted by HR department and “Preliminary Interview” shall be made Telephonically by HR department by comparing the requirement of the post with the Profile of the applicant.


(D) HRD will send a short report on Excel format of the candidates selected through Telephonic Interview to the HOD giving the requisition. The HOD shall then select, make enquiries and decide the applicants to be called for interview and inform the HRD accordingly. Alternatively the HOD may ask for Walk-in Interviews at suitable location with the consultation of HRD.


(E) If the vacancy is not filled through, the HRD will adopt other methods of recruitment through Advertisement in Local News Papers and Placement Consultants. This may be a walk-in interviews or selection through telephonic interviews as may be decided by the HRD in consultation with HOD.


(F) The interviewers shall consist of (i) HOD (ii) HRD (iii) Director, until it is permitted otherwise by the Managing Director. The Interview may be conducted by them jointly or singly.


(G)With a view to preserve uniform data of all the personnel, all are required to fill “Interview Assessment Form”, ir-respective of the fact, whether they have already joined the company or not. The Form is at Annexure-17(G)


(H) On selection of a person for a particular position, HR department may give a offer letter. The Form is at Annexure-17(H)


18. Appointment Letter & Salary Structure

(A) Every person selected for any position shall be issued with an Appointment Letter specifying all the particulars as per statutory requirements. The Form is available as Annexure-18(A).


(B) All appointment letters will be accompanied with Annexure-18(B) stating the salary structure giving all the allowances, re-imbursements, perquisites etc.


(C) The Appointment Letters will also be accompanied with Annexure-18(C) stating facilities provided to the staff at Site.


19. Receipted copy of Appointment Letter

(A) When a person accepts the appointment letter of the company, he/she is required to hand over a copy of the Letter of Appointment duly accepted by him/her unconditionally. The Head of the department accepting his joining is required his remarks on it by giving the date and time the person has joined the Company. This receipted copy of the Appointment Letter is required to be sent to Head of HR department at HO immediately.


(B) Employees who are allowed to avail re-imbursement of travel expenses for joining their place of duty / project, from their home town / current place of working without / with family (spouse + 2 children) shall be entitled for the cost by the shortest route of travel. Mode of travel entitlement shall be the entitlement to his/her grade of personnel for Tour & Travel.


(C) Immediately on joining, the person is required to submit the bills for re-imbursement to HR/Admin/Accounts department of the Site/Office. The re-imbursement shall be made on or before the payment day of next salary of the employee.


20. Joining Formalities / Induction

Every person is required to complete the joining formalities before engaging in his work at site / desk. This task may take Half a day at least.

(a)  Every person joining the company shall be given complete introduction of the Company and its personnel. Every person joining the company is required to fill up all the forms given by HR relating to Provident Fund, ESI, Insurance or any other other declaration or application to the satisfaction of HR / Admin department. Induction check list is at Annexure-20(A)

(b)  Employee at site are provided with following type of Accommodation


S.No Category of employee Eligibility of accommodation
1 Sr. Management Guest House / Furnished
2 Managers Semi Furnished
3 Executives Officers Mess type Semi Furnished
4 Technical/ Highly skilled Supervisory Mess type
5 All Others Barrack type


All personnel provided with company accommodation of any type must vacate the accommodation on his last day in the company, in case of quiting the company due to any reasons.


21. Confirmation

Every person shall be issued a confirmation letter on completion of their probationary period as defined in their terms of appointment. The Form is available as Annexure-21


22. Exit Interview

The Company cares to find out the reasons of leaving the company by an employee. Therefore Exit Interview is essentially to be conducted by the HR department, whether at site or at an office. The form is to be submitted to HRD along with Resignation Letter, Dismissal Letter, Retrenchment Letter and an account for the full and final payment to be paid of that person. The form prescribed for the purpose is at Annexure-22.


23. Environment Policy

The Company is aware of its responsibility towards environmental well-being of the earth, while striving for the harmony and prosperity of the human society. The Company protects the environment by preventing pollution, adhering to international environmental guidelines, laws and regulations related to the location/country concerned and local self-government/governmental body. The Company takes due care at the time of new investment and purchase of new equipment that it reduces the environmental impacts. This will be especially true for resources development projects, where the preservation of natural ecosystem and regional environment will be given great consideration In daily office work, green procurement, energy savings, resource savings, reduction of waste and improvement of business efficiency will be carried out. The Company grows grass, plants and flower in pots at its all sites and offices to preserve the ecological balance of the environment.


24. Local Conveyance

The Company provides the following facility of Conveyance to the staff while on official duties.


(A)   General Managers and above – AC Car OR Rs.7 per km.

(B)   Other Managerial personnel– Non AC Car OR Rs.5 per km

(C)   Executives – Three Wheeler OR Rs. 3 per km

(D)   Subordinates – Bus Fare OR Rs. 1 per km


25. Tour and Travel

(A) Whenever the staff goes on Duty to a place other than his usual place of work for which he/she is appointed, the person is considered on tour. Food Allowance for Metro cities (M) and Non- Metro cities/villages (NM) shall be as given below:


S.No. Designation Mode of Travel Food allowance
1 Senior Management Air/I AC/AC Taxi Actual-M; Rs.600-NM
2 Junior Management II AC/Non AC Taxi Rs.400-M; Rs.300-NM
3 Executives I / Auto Rs.300-M; Rs.200-NM
4 Subordinates II / Bus Rs.200-M; Rs.150-NM


(B) Any expense incurred for the purpose of official communication, reservation charges and sundry expenses, local conveyance by cycle rickshaw, auto or taxi shall be re-imbursed as per entitlement.


(C) Leaves may be allowed on exceptional basis during the tour also.


(D) A travel advance will be given on the sanction by HR department if recommended by the Head of Department. Tour Expenses reports must be submitted along with balance un-spent within 3 days after returning from Tour. If there is an outstanding travel advances against an employee, he will not be entitled to obtain fresh advances for his next tour.


(E) Any outstanding balance against a travel advances will be adjusted against the next salary amount due to the employee. The Accounts department is to deduct the amount without waiting for any one’s orders / sanction. A serious view will be taken in the case of employees who are consistently late in repaying the outstanding travel advances & it may even be recorded in their performance appraisals.




26. Employee Welfare Scheme

(A) Every employee is wished on his/her birthday and also on marriage anniversary by presenting a beautiful bouquet in the morning as soon as he/she checks in the office. Thus the Organization tries to build a We-feeling with in the staff and maintains high levels of morale & motivations.


(B) On every Saturday or last day of the month, heads of all the departments shall hold 2 departmental meetings. First meeting shall be held with the Managers of their department and then the Second meeting of HOD and Mangers together, will hold a meeting with Executives of their department. The meeting is to review the work of everyone over a Tea / Coffee / Juice / Snacks Party in the Second meeting. Mangers are to identify the training needs, process of work performance, supervision and clarification of doubts if any and also guide the staff on extracting satisfaction from their work. The HOD will review expectations of employees vis a vis expectations of the management during these meetings.


(C) The Major festivals are celebrated among our staff members followed by a grand pooja and sweet distributions. HR department makes the arrangement for the celebration.


(D) A company get together is organized when ever the Company has made any major achievement. This is generally celebrated on foundation day / day of incorporation of the Company. Directors and Staff shall participate along with their families. Variety entertainment programs by staff / families / other artists are also arranged on this occasion.


(E) Company organizes annual outing for total staff in order to keep the motivation levels of employees high and also to maintain high levels of performance. This is normally arranged to a farther distance from the office / site location. A committee comprising Head of HR, Finance and Purchase will recommend the Budget allocation and take sanction of Directors and a team of staff & their families are to be encouraged to form groups to conduct the event. In the absence of lesser participation or no participation from the staff or their families, out side agency may be engaged to manage the event.


27. Performance Appraisal

The company respects its Personnel as Assets to the organization. Therefore it has devised a method to performance appraisal on annual basis so that the company could know the feelings of the employee as well as use the same for grant of increments and promotions. The form of appraisal is at Annexure-27


28. Accommodation for Site Staff

The Company provides reasonable furnishing to its site staff. All staff members are required to hand over the furnishing material on transfer, termination, retrenchment or have to take permission of Senior Management to shift the same material to next place of posting / site. Damages done to the furnishing material (except normal wear & tear) or lost material by the concerned person is to be noted against the name of the person and recovered from his remunerations. The details of the same are at Annexure-18(C).








  1. The rights of interpretation of any word, sentence or paragraph lies solely with GM (HR & LEGAL).
  2. The policies may be amended from time to time without notice to any one. However the amendments shall be communicated to the staff through Main Notice Board of the office / site or E-Mail or any other desired manner.


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