Comment on Housing society’s NOC not essential to sell or buy flat by Tanmay Khandelwal.

Sir, I purchased a free hold CGHS flat in Sector 22 Dwarka through a sale deed. When i approached the society for permission to start the renovation work i was asked to:

1. First become a Member of the society before staring renovation of my flat.
2. With the Membership application & documents Provide 90,000.00 towards Society Development Fund.

I wish to become member in next two months. They MC is not giving any demand in writing.

My questions:

1. Can the CGHS deny permission to renovate my free hold flat purchased through registered sale deed before me becoming the member of CGHS?
2. Is Charging such huge amount under development fund justified? Isnt it a black mail by MC? What is the legal position here?
3. What rights i have when i have a registered sale deed for a free hold property?
4. What rights i dont have if is dont become a member?
5. Is it mandatory to become a member of CGHS if i have purchased a free hold flat?
6. Is there a mandatory time limit to become a member of the CGHS after execution of sale deed.

Thank you,
Tanmay Khandelwal

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