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Sir, I purchased a flat in society vide appropriate agreement with stamp duty and registration fees but final payment of seller has not been paid by me to seller due to seller absconding. I also given notice in news paper. I want to pay final amount to seller but he is absconding. Now almost one and half year past society has not been given me membership due to balance amount of seller has not been paid by me. please guide me now what shall I do.

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Co-operative Society flat transfer in your name
Sir,I have purchased property in Mumbai. We have paid transfer fee to the society. But our transaction has not been completed due to the seller has absconding and I want to pay balance amount to the Seller. I the buyer ready to pay balance amount to the seller but seller has absconding. I also published advertisement in reputed news paper, but yet not responded by seller the time has passed almost two years. Society not to give me rent receipts as well as membership on my name till today reason that your transaction incompeted. Society insist me balance amount pay to the society then we think about your membership, is it correct way. What is the solution please guide me in this regard.

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