Green area is not a play ground of co-operative society

Every multi-story building and specially the DDA flats and Co-operative group housing societies in Delhi are required to compulsorily maintain minimum green area in the premises of their residential complex. Since the society has limited space to construct the building, it do not have a space for play ground of society or a co-operative society for the children / grown ups of the residents of the residential complex.


Green area is not a play ground of co-operative society: A small part of mandatory green area can be seen here on right side of the parked cars. The society also require space for the vehicles to move through the building complex easily and also has to keep sufficient space for fire fighting vehicle to move in the society.

It is laid down in the DCS Act, 2003 that “Every co-operative housing society shall frame regulations from time to time with the approval of the general body meeting of the co-operative housing society for maintenance of essential services including mandatory green area in the co-operative housing society which shall contain details of services to be provided and service charges to be recovered for such services from the members and residents of its housing complex.”


Green area is not a play ground of co-operative society: It is complaint from many residents, Senior Citizens and parents of very small children that they are not able to use the green area. The Senior Citizen are not able to relax & walk over the green area. Small Children are not able to walk or play or see the greenery to relax and learn the names of green plants.


Minimum / mandatory green area is compulsorily to be maintained by the society under various laws. After construction of the complex, the managing committee is required to maintain the mandatory green areas. Every member of the society / resident and their family.


Green area is not a play ground of co-operative society: If a society or a co-operative society is not maintaining the green areas properly, it amount to deficiencies in services of the society or a co-operative society and legal action can be taken against the Society and also all the members of the committee of the society


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  • Anil Kokrady says:

    I am a member of Sahyog Apartments, a CGHS situated in Mayur Vihar Phase 1. In one of our block the residents of upper floors are attempting to install a lift in the society.
    1) They are planning to install it in a small park in front of the block and this is a green area. I would like to know the permissions they are required to take for this.
    2) Secondly, would the residents of a duplex flat which has much area on ground floor as in the first floor considered as ground floor residents? I would be greatful if you give your advice on the above matters

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  • Divya says:

    what percentage of the land in society(CGHS in dwarka) shuld be under green cover?,
    also what is the percentage that should be accomodated in the centre green park/ common green area.
    is it possible to convert the green area into concrete?

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  • Divya says:

    half of centralgreen area in the society is converted into play ground is thisallowed

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  • Divya says:

    can the society management change the percentage of central green park area as per AGM resolutions(which was 7.5% at the time of allotment and now has been reduced to only 5.5%).

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    Dear Advocate, I had purchased a plot of land admj 338 sq.mts after seeing an open space in a development Plan duly approved and passed by the Village Panchayat and Town and Country Planning Department, adjacent and next to it. After some time a bigger part of open space No.2 was utilized for construction of Water Tank, followed by a small temple and concretized benches adjoining the open space No.1. In total there are 6 open space in the colony. Even after objecting the Panchayat along with the Original owner build a boundary wall with laterite stones and concretized the open space meant for public. I strongly object along with the residents for any structrue in the open space to be kept as green and as open. The boundary wall is too tall and can cause accident due to blind curve being unseen due to the tall boundary wall

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  • anuradharustagi says:

    can society management cut down and uproot large no.of trees and lawn where swings were fixed for children and said area could be cemented .As it is horrible to fix swings for children , on cemented area ,on the area of lawn.Badminton court coud be built on water tank in society or not
    /Becuase for laying down plastic grass on the water tank some chemical shall be used for sticking and water is used by all the members of society for the purpose of drinking.Many openings are present on water tank for the purpose of cleaning,through which above mentioned chemical might reach inside tank and might mix with water.Kindly advice as all these activities are going on in the society Rosewood Apartments,Mayur Vihar Phase 1 ext. delhi.

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  • Radha says:

    I am a resident of a DDA residential complex in Vasant Kunj. There is a parking area where plenty of cars are parked. The RWA recently allowed children to play in that parking lot.
    It is a menace for people living around that area as not only are the cars getting damaged, there is noise and disturbance for the residents there.
    My question is, are the children allowed to play in the parking lot. The parents start fighting aggressively, if the children are stopped from playing.

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  • Advocateji says:

    Dear Radha, If the area is not ear market in the original plan as parking space or there is no approval of DDA for make parking in that area or the are is earmarked as green area, you certainly have a point and can fight for it. If you fight through a suitable Advocate, you are likely to win and ensure peace in your locality. Choice is yours to keep on bearing it or fight for your rights. But it will cost money.

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