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Many a times it is seen that the Govt servants becoming members of the managing committee dominate the working of the society in such a way that many irregularities are committed which are NOT in the larger interest of the members.

Following is the circular in such a case:  In case U feel un-comfortable due to such persons, you must raise your voice against it.

In case of more help kindly contact us:

Delhi Administration
(Services Department)

No. F.38/40/78-S1 Dated: 30.01.1979

Office Memorandum

Under the provisions of A.I.S. (Conduct) Rules. 1968 and G.O.S. (Conduct) Rules, 1964 the Govt. servants can become a member in any Cooperative Society duly registered under the law without obtaining previous permission for the same. However, it is likely that some officer of officials have to deal certain matters in their official capacity. In respect of such Cooperative Societies in which they are members. It is therefore clarified that no officer/official should deal in an official capacity with the case of a Cooperative Society of which he is a member. They should also not become members of their Managing Committee.

(B. Prasad)
Deputy Seceretary (Services)
Delhi Administration,

No. 1(2)/76-Estt./Coop./Dated the … Feb. 1979

Copy forwarded for information and strict compliance to

  1. All Assistant Registrars Coop. Societies. Delhi.
  2. Research Officer Coop. Societies. Delhi.
  3. Office Superintendent Coop. Societies. Delhi.
  4. P.A./R.G.S./J.R.G.S./D.RCS

(P.G. Sharma)



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  • Vicky says:

    Is an MTNL Employee, Which is a PSU under the Central Government can also be the member of Managing Committee of Cooperative Group Housing Societies without taking permission from the Central governement? Is Delhi Administration notification applied to him also. Kindly inform. THanks

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  • sandeep sethi says:

    can a punjab govt. teacher become the member of NGO ?

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  • Mangesh Phansekar says:

    Secretary of Housing Society is not performing his duties as per society bye laws to whom to complaint about this things please guide

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  • johnson says:

    what are the procedures to be followed by the registrar if an individual member, asks for the re-audit of the society affairs, is it is not compulsory to hear both the side before ordering or appointing an special officer for the re-audit?.

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  • johnson says:

    what are the procedures to be followed by the registrar if an individual member, asks for the re-audit of the society affairs.

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  • rajendra kumar says:

    can a gazzeted officer be a member of a ngo to build hostel for students?

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  • Pankaj Parikh says:

    I have 50% partnership ownership flat in Santacruz with my brother since 1978. He passed away in 2004. I just found that 2008 the flat has been transfer to my sister in law(Bhabhi) as sole owner and removed my name from ownership to 2nd Nominee with my nephew as 1st nominee. I never gave authorization letter or ask my co-operative society secretary or chairman to remove my name as 50% ownership. Govt old custom house under sec II my name is still listed as property owner.
    My question is how can a secretary or chairman remove my name as owner and put in place of nominee. Can you advise me my next step to resolve this situation.

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  • Advocateji says:

    Dear Pankaj Parikh, You are advised that until the owner relinquishes his right, the name of other person can not replace him. Therefore, you are advised to get in touch with any any nearby experienced or our advocate along with related documents for proper advice and solution.

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