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dear Saikat, You are advised to file a case through an Advocate. we deal Delhi area only

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Registration of multi state society at New Delhi
Dear shafee Ahmed, there are 2 types of societies.
(I) Multi state co-operative society
(II) Multi state society
Registrar for both the societies are different.
Please inform any or our Legal Expert the type of society or your requirement of functioning to determine which type of society you wish to register. The fee, registration charges and expenses shall be sent to you by any or our legal expert.

Society adamant in giving NOC
Dear Amarjeet Singh Saini, This refusal of society is illegal. You should try this through some one if they could settle with you on some amount and if they do not settle, then there is no other way except approaching any or our legal expert to serve them notice and file legal case to recover not only the charges retained by them but also your legal expenses and punishment for the illegal act. You can teach them a lesson.

Hindon Heights Flats Allottees Association in DRT
Dear Nawal Kishore Upadhyat, We are well aware of the Shreya Developer Hindon Height projects. You must have engaged an Advocate for your concern, who will be able to tell you. If you have not engaged, you may get in touch with any or our advocate and file the cases at the earliest.

Can spouse, son or father attend AGM of co-operative society
Dear Ashok Kumar Hegde, the managing committee may not respond but it will better to file a proper case for deficiency in services through any or our advocate.

Upper floor flat owner not repairing his toilet seepage
Dear ravinder Yadav, You are advised for proper solution to take necessary through any or our advocate.

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