Comment on General Body of co-operative society is supreme ??? by Saikat Kr. Chatterjee.

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am Saikat, a resident of PETS HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY, City Centre, Durgapur, West Bengal.

The CHS in January 2018 started exterior building paint work inclusive of two balconies, grills, windows, doors, window grills, etc.

Secretary intentionally instructed the painting manpower not to paint my part.

Painting completed in March 2018, but my balconies and iron structures still remain without a coat of paint.

The painting work is partly funded by Society and partly by members, as all other members I have paid Rs. 8,800/- in installments out of Rs. 12,000/- as painting fund.

I feel it is a DEFICIENCY OF SERVICE on the part of the Society therefore I made an appeal to The Asst. Director, Consumer Affairs & Fair Business Practices, Durgapur, but my appeal was turned down, where can I appeal now.

If you provide your email I can send all documents.

Pls. advise.

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