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I am member and resident of Cooperative Group Housing Society in Dwarka and the Management Committee is taking common area electricity charges separately besides Common Area Maintenance monthly. Please clarify that when common area electricity charges is one of the component of Common Area Maintenance, how can Management Committee charge the common area electricity charges separately.

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Multi State Co-operative Societies Rules 1985
Can defaulter members have right to vote in the election of the management committee.

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Please advise about the appointment of returning officer in the Cooperative Group Housing Society and voting right of the member in case of dispute with MC.

Consumer cases in head lines on builders
How can Management Committee can award contract amounting to Rs.4 Lacs or Rs.5 Lacs to any vendor in the Cooperative Group Housing Society Ltd., Delhi (Residential)? Please advise.

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GBM can take only those decisions which are reasonable. Please raise these issues before RCS now there are many changes in the RCS. Some Corrupt officers have been already transferred.

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It is obvious that Group Hoousing Societies must enroll the purchases as member when the member would apply for the membership and requisite entries would be made vide transfer deed and share certificate.
Function of the Group Housing Socieities would be to cooperate not harass the member in any way.

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