Comment on General Body of co-operative society is supreme ??? by S Komalavalli.

VSNL employees co operative housing society, chennai. The Directors had misappropriated about 12crores. I am an associate member from 2008. The corruption came to know only by 2010. From 2010 myself and my husband fighting against them. Basic bye-law is the land should be given shelterless to employees obviousely, in the year 2010 everybody having one or two houses including directors. These bye-laws not told by the directors to employees. Moreover, allocation during lot also several inequalities in front of special officer. No one ready to complaint against the directors, because they are union leaders of the VSNL office. I am the only person from inside office fighting against them and made complaint to Management (TATA communications Ltd). The management also colluded with them. Because they took 55acres of land without giving 1 paise to central government. They got it behind the shield of VSNL employees co operative housing society.

Severalwrit petitions, crl op and contempt pending before the Hon’ble Madras High court. Now 27.1.2018 they are going to conduct the General Body meeting. Main agenda to clear all the audit defects and changing byelaws and remove me from the membership. Now my question is, I can challenge in the court against the resolution passed by them. Because after GB I will not be a member, and locus standi will be question by Hon’ble court.
Please help me any case law relating to the above querry

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