Comment on General Body of co-operative society is supreme ??? by MRS. SUNAINA S. RAJBHAR.

Pls note that in Sunflower CHS Ltd., Station Pada Road, Near HP Godown, Badlapur East-431503. We need an inspection done in our Society. Upto July 16, 2017 there has been no record maintained properly, Two families in the Society have created havoc, spoiling and ruling all the permanent members in the Society. Mrs. Jayanti J Kotiyan and her son Kiran Kotiyan are illegally forcing terms on other members. I am unable and others too are feeling it hard to pay their maintenance due to this fraud family, adding to them Mrs. Jyoti Panchal had become a Secretary and given the power to her son to take part in cheating all the other families by collecting maintenance funds, and with the excuse of carrying out repairs, etc. are quoting extra amount and enjoying at the cost of Sunflower CHS Society.

Recently on 16th July 2017, they amongst themselves, then kept a meeting and discussed to make me a Secretary, but continued with keeping Mrs. Jayanti Kotiyan as a Chairman. Now it is nearly one month i have not received the handover, plus this lady is creating problem and dictating terms on Banking Signatures. I await your immediate action on our Society.
We seriously need help from you all.

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