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Can “BUILDING FUND” be used for repairs of Lifts just by approval in MC meeting ? Is approval of GBM required to spend any money out of the Building Fund and is there defined expenditures which can only be used out of Building Fund ? I

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Agenda of AGM or SGM of co-operative Society
Can MC make any excuses or give reasons not to hold SGBM despite directions from the RCS office ? What action is taken if it fails to call SGBM ?

Maintenance charges in co-operative housing societies
Is there any time limit to file objection/arbitration against the defective minutes of the GBM ?

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Sir, I had a joint ownership of a flat in Coop GHS in Delhi. My father was the first owner while I was the second. My father died and I got his name deleted and became the sole member. It was transfereed in my name in January 2016. I want to file nomination for the forth coming elections of the Society in August/Sept. this year. Can I do so.? will the condition of one year of membership would apply in my case as well ??… Pls clarifiy…Karan Rawat

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