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Is Building Fund levied by the President of CGHS stating in the minutes that it was approved by members by raising hands can be said to be legal if there was no such item in the agenda of the said GBM nor there was “any other with the permission of the chair”

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General Body of co-operative society is supreme ???
There was no item of Raising Building Fund in the agenda of a GBM of CGHS. Also there was no “any other item with the permission of the chair”. Can still be Building Fund said to have been approved in the said GBM be taken as decision of the general body when no discussion/debate took place ?

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Maintenance charges in co-operative housing societies
In a CGHS if in GBM, the MC proposed some increase in annual maintenance charges on l/s basis and if members present demand voting for maintenance on sq. ft. basis, then should resolution would have been passed by voting ?. In this case President stood up and announced that whatever MC has decided will be applicable and is approved. Is President right doing so ? Pl suggest action that members can take against the MC.

Managing Committee can not create own basis to impose charges
The new MC elected in Sept.16 increased annual maintenence in its GBM held on 6.11.16 with retrospective effect i.e w.e.f 1.4.16. Can MC do this ? If not what should be the course of action by members of the CGHS ?

Agenda of AGM or SGM of co-operative Society
Notice issued for a GBM of CGHS has only following two agenda: discuss the programming & activities of MC OF THE SOCIETY FOR THE ENSUING YEAR 2016-17 revise the maintenance charges.

Is this a proper notice ?. Should the notice must not have exact agenda/resolution to be passed ?

Agenda of AGM or SGM of co-operative Society
Should the minutes of AGM e read and approve in the GBM to be held after the AGM or minutes of AGM are only required to be read and approve in next AGM only ? If yes and if this is not included in the notice of the GBM, can the notice be treated as null and void ?

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After the polling for Election in CGHS, the Returning Officer only declared name of elected members and neither declared total number of vote caste, vote disqualified, vote secured by each candidate nor put up on notice board of the Society. Further total vote caste were 251 but for Presidential candidate counting was done for 250 vote only. Can the election process be challenged for not declaring above information as required under the rules and can recounting of Ballot paper for Presidential candidate be done ? If yes, to whom the request has to be made and within what period ?

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