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Dear Readers, We have received a email today the 13th day of July from MBLOCK [] and after perusal of the problems put by the senders would like to publish the same for all to help them to resolve the matters in amicable manners.


To                                                                                                                                                           Date 07-June-2015

Shri Balvinder Kumar Ji

Vice Chairman

Delhi Development Authority

Vikas Sadan, New Delhi

SUBJECT – Illegally few persons are collecting money in name of self proclaimed RWA formed in an undemocratic way and forcing/harassing residents for money collection & in their self vested interest, in reference to: DDA LIG Flats, Pocket C, Molar Bandh, New Delhi

 Letter number : RWA/M/June/6-2015

Dear Sir

This is to bring in your kind attention about discrepancy and illegal collection in name of RWA by few persons is going on at recently new allotted flats to the residents in DDA LIG Flats, Pocket C, Molar Bandh premises

There is a group of few lame, dishonest, arrogant, deceitful persons who self proclaimed them as RWA and has formed it illegally without any elections, consent of owners/ residents and is now illegally doing money collections from residents and using up for their own purpose without any accountability.

In fact as a next step of beside misusing the funds, they are threatening & harassing the residents / owners by restricting entries of people, allowing unauthorized persons to enters in compound, threatening and pressuring residents for giving them money.

On many instances, all residents have requested them to hold general meeting, have raised voice against them to stop illegal collection, conduct proper election and form RWA properly but there are so much engrossed in their arrogance & personal vested interest that they are not ready to hear residents and continued with their illegal business by involving/ taking support of local JEN/ Police wallas in the name of RWA, moreover these officials are not taking cognizance of their illegal formation and activities.

There were instances when people raised voice against them, try to schedule AGM to escalate matter but these bunch of arrogant peoples ended up by beating the resident who has raised voice against them and cancelling of AGM, as a proof a police case were registered, one guard who told the truth where thrown away, this has prompted resident to live in fearful environment.

We the following M- Block residents hereby request the Authorities to kindly look in this matter and kindly guide/ communicate to stop this illegal collection by illegal RWA immediately, kindly take strict action against them and dilute  it immediately.

We further want to inform that we all M block residents are planning to form our own RWA as per our guidelines and would take this as a tool to inform Delhi Development Authority about formation of M- block resident RWA, Pocket C, Molar Bandh and request you to kindly nominate DDA officials as a executing chairperson of the RWA so to conduct/ensure smooth elections and post fair elections will do the RWA work accordingly

We request DDA members/ concern authorities to kindly look in the said matter and immediately take action and also request DDA to kindly don’t disburse any money / grant to unauthorized RWA (which is formed without any elections as per proper mechanism)

Also request to escalate the matter to appropriate authorities so that with help of AEN/ DDA officials this illegal RWA set up can be demolish with the help of police and appropriate action can be taken against them, illegal entity should be dissolved with immediate effect

Kindly consider our RWA as official RWA for M Block, which we are forming with rules, regulation, bye –laws and through free and fair election under DDA authority

Enclosed the consent of the list of M Block owners/ Residents, all M Block residing members has given consent for the same  as a referendum.

Residents of all blocks from A to M is in anguish against these bunch of arrogant, lame goons type persons whom has prompted to live residents in the undemocratic, suspect full & fearful environment.

We have all M block residents have raised voice against it and are forming the M Block RWA residents.

Your intervention is highly required to avoid any misshaping in future



The Advocteji advised the Complainants as follow:

Dear Sir,

We have received your email today and we wish in providing immediate relief. We advise as follows:

  • Forming a Society / RWA Or becoming member of one or more Societies, for any legal purpose is fundamental right of every citizen of India and therefore cannot be stopped legally.
  • Intimidating, coercing and dominating to extract money is an offence and may be taken up with Police / Courts.
  • 1st RWA, if registered with DDA / MCD will always have an edge over any RWA registered later on.
  • If any RWA is doing illegal work or it is not functioning according to law, the members are advised to hold mediation, conciliation, arbitration among the members for amicable settlement of issues and if all of these fail then you may knock the doors of the Courts for providing you justice.


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  • Joha Pillai says:

    Our RWA has elected CRO and ROs and declared election. CRO and ROs found there is discrepancies in the election procedure and number of persons to be elected. As per the byelaw of RWA the total representatives to be elected 20 and President/VP/Secretary/JS will be elected by members not by the elected people. But last few elections 30 representatives were elected by members and they selected the President/VP/Secretary/JS. But the amender in the procedure is not found any where eventhough they told it is informed to the registered of the Societies. Can you guide how to conduct the election i.e. old procedure or new procedure. What is the consequence if the election is conducted as per new procedure eventhough it was not approved by the RoS.

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  • Ashwami says:

    Hi Sir, our RWA in Indrapuram Ghaxiabad has stated that owners cannot rent a flat to bachelors. Are they entitled to take such an action.?

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  • A Sharma says:

    Dear Friends,
    There is an RWA in Vijayee Vir Awas Yojana, Officers Complex, sector 18A, DWARKA, New Delhi which was registered in 2006 for the so called welafre of the windows and dependents of the Kargil martyrs. Earlier the colony was restricted to the allotees only but subsequently it was made freehold and open to sale and purchase. The colony was being looked after by DDA which subsequently handed it over to MCD. The RWA was then captured by loacl and Hryana Jats who bought houses in the colony in trove / group. Today the RWA has become a khap Panchayat and is running by coercsion, physical threat and by whims and fancy. This RWA claims ownership of common areas, open spaces, access, roads, gates and parking. The RWA is also running three commercial shops illegally allowed inside the residential premises. On the whole the office bearers of RWA have made the lives of the widows and dependents og Kargil martyrs and other residents specially non Jat residents miserable and pathetic. Others live in constant threat and insurity. MoD, Army HQ, Area HQ all have washed their hands off and left the hapless widows and other residents helpless. DDA, SMDC etc are hand in gloves in the illagal activities and do not take any step even after complain. Can any one help please.

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  • i have purchased flat in tdi kingsbury in april 2015 and the situation is pathtic.the common area maintaince is charged but no light and the lights are hanging from the roof.the water is so bad that the shower is to be changed every 3to 4 month.the security provided by them is either by 16-17 years young boys or 60-65 thin leen guards.they have charged 1.75 lacs for in febuary they issued us recovery of value added tax under haryana valuue added tax act 2003.the fire entiguisher are not reffilled.lift has no licence

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