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sir,Now a days lot of flats in coop group housing societies are sold to non members. Kindly let me know the rights of a person who has purchased a flat from a member.

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Rigorous imprisonment to RCS Delhi officials
while regularising 28 self allotted societies in Dwarka ,many societies seem to have paid cash to assistant registrar south. Rs 20000/ was demanded by our managing committee for this purpose and 48 members who did pay the amount got their membership registered! my e mail to the lg,cm,and pm did not have any effect.

Registrar can order inspection of Society on complaint of 1 member
In continuation to my above complaint,i am happy to say that in spite of my complaints to CM DELHI, LG and the REGISTRAR OF COOP SOCIETIES,57 members of our society hane got their membership regularized!’ SATYAMEVA JAYATE!’ Song appropriate to the issue–‘men may hi vishwas, poora hi vishwas…….Janey be do yarro!!

As the present management committee have failed to submit audit report for 2013-14 and 2014-15 on time and failed to conduct G.M, can they now call for G.M prior to election for new governing body?
2501 sanchar vihar cghs sector 4 dwarka new delhi 78

Registrar can order inspection of Society on complaint of 1 member
I am member of sanchar vihar cghs reg no 1323 sector 4 dwarka new delhi. The president of current management committee has resigned a year ago. no general body meeting was conducted since oct 2013. Audit for 2013-14 and 2014-15 not done so far. this committee is demanding water charges of Rs1200/ in addition of maintanance of Rs1750/p.m for r.o installed with out consultation of members. Now the committee is collecting Rs20000/ per member to get membership regularised even though we have paid Rs20000/ as penalty to RCS and Rs1000/ to DDA during 2012.

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