Election of MC in New Cosmopolitan CGHS Ltd by Raminder Singh Sahota, RO

  1. Managing Committee appointed Returning Officer 0 Appointment of Returning Officer
  2. Details of Election of present Managing Committee 1 Details of present MC’s Election
  3. Minutes of meeting of Managing Committee approving RO 2 Minutes of MC meeting dt 27-08-18 appointing RO
  4. List of members as on 17-09-2018 3 List of members as on 17-09-2018
  5. List of Defaulters as on 27-09-2018 4 List of Defaulters as on 27-09-2018
  6. Notice of Agenda for conduct of Election cum Special General Meeting dt 27-09-18 5 Notice of Agenda 27.9.18
  7. Nomination Form or Form “B” for filing nomination (free of cost) 6-Nomination Form B
  8. Performa of Ballot Paper as per FORM “C” (on which voters will cast votes) [for information only]
  9. Appointment of Election Agent and Counting Agent by Candidates 7 Appointment of Election Agent & Counting Agent as per FORM “D”
  10. On 20/10/2018 List of candidates contesting the election after scrutiny by Returning Officer ___
  11. On 20/10/2018 Rejected Nomination Form of candidates (with remarks of RO) _____
  12. On 24/10/2018 List of final contesting candidates ____
  13. On 28/10/2018 List of Elected Managing Committee members ______



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