From 17-02-2019 TO 16-02-2022



23-12-2018 – Minutes of Special General Meeting appointing Returning Officer SGM 23-12-2018

30-12-2018 Letter issued to Returning Officer to conduct the election as soon as is possible RO appointed

04-01-2019 List of members of the Society (click on rotate clockwise to change view of this format) Membership List as on 03-01-2019

05-01-2019 RO letter to RCS for permission to conduct election of managing committee Letter dt 5.1.19 from RO to RCS

15-01-2019 Agenda Notice of Returning Officer to conduct election in SGM on 17-02-2019 15.01.19 Notice for SGM on 17-2-2019

15-1-2019 List of defaulters as on 31-12-2018_List of Defaulters as on 31-12-2018 

15-01-2019 Nomination form may be downloaded free of cost by any member Nomination-Form-B

15-01-2019 Form for Appointment of Election Agent & Counting Agent by contestant Appointment-of-Election-Agent-Counting-Agent

15-01-2019 Disqualified to contest election of Managing Committee  MC from 27-06-2010;  and MC from 01-11-2015 due to non-completion of Audit of the Society.

23-01-2019 Letter of RO to Ad-Hoc Committee regarding 7 addresses of members from RO to Society dt 23.1.19

11-02-2019 List of candidates whose candidature is accepted or rejected with remarks by Returning Officer on completion of scrutiny of nomination forms 11-2-19 new cosmopolitan

13-02-2019 Withdrawal of candidature (if any)__ Mr. Subhash Chander Gupta, Member No.180, Flat No.A-403 has withdrawn his candidature.

15-02-2019 List of final contesting candidates__List of final contesting candidates

16-02-2019 Representation received from Mr. GS Bhuria, ex-General Secretary to disqualify all the managing committees from 2002 onwards and other issues with a copy to Registrar of Co-operative Societies and reply given by the Returning Officer to justify all the actions taken by him Mr. GS Bhuria Email & Reply of Returning Officer.

17-02-2019 Result of Election announced by Returning Officer__8C List of members of Managing Committee 17-02-2019

17-02-2019 Report of Returning Officer under Rule 53 and Para 21 & 22 of Schedule-II to the RCS__ 8D Letter by RO to RCS reg election dated 17-02-2019 


Note: Any non-defaulter member may make a complaint or suggestion to the Returning Officer in writing. Appropriate decision / amendment shall be made by the Returning Officer only, shall be valid.




Election of MC (Managing Committee) in

New Cosmopolitan Co-operative Group Housing Society Ltd by

Raminder Singh Sahota, Advocate, Returning Officer

  1. Managing Committee had appointed Returning Officer (copy of appointment letter) Appointment of Returning Officer
  2. Details of Election of present Managing Committee  Details of present Managing Committee’s Election
  3. Minutes of meeting of Managing Committee approving RO  Minutes of Managing Committee meeting dt 27-08-18 appointing RO
  4. List of members as on 17-09-2018  List of members as on 17-09-2018
  5. List of Defaulters as on 27-09-2018  List of Defaulters as on 27-09-2018
  6. Notice of Agenda for conduct of Election cum Special General Meeting dt 27-09-18  Notice of Agenda for conducting election dated 27.09.2018
  7. Nomination Form or Form “B” for filing nomination (free of cost) Nomination Form B
  8. Performa of Ballot Paper as per FORM “C” (on which voters will cast votes) [for information only]
  9. Appointment of Election Agent and Counting Agent by Candidates  Appointment of Election Agent & Counting Agent as per FORM “D”
  10. On 20/10/2018 List of candidates whose candidature is accepted or rejected with remarks by the Returning Officer cosmo list after scrutiny
  11. On 20/10/2018, Copy of Nomination Forms with remarks of Returning Officer of Accepted or Rejected with reasons.
  12. On 20/10/2018, Accepted nominations  cosmo M-1 cosmo M-5 cosmo P-1 cosmo VP-1 
  13. On 20/10/2018, Rejected nominations cosmo M-2 cosmo M-3 cosmo M-4 cosmo P-2
  14. On 23/10/2018 Withdrawal of candidate (if any) VP-1
  15. On 24/10/2018 List of final contesting candidates after the withdrawal of candidature final Contesting
  16. On 28/10/2018 Result of election announced by Returning Officer 28-10-18 Result of Election
  17. On 28/10/2018 Report under Rule 53 and Para 21 & 22 of Schedule-II to the Registrar of Co-operative Societies Report to RCS by Returning Officer


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