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I had borrowed loan from a employees credit society and balance loan is 3 lacs whereas my saving in society is 4 lacs.Now I want to resign from credit society .society is asking me to pay my loan balance of Rs 3 lacs then they will accept my resignation and return my savings of Rs 4 lacs after 3 months as per their by laws .This appears me undemocratic and against natural law .As my savings is already with credit societies is Rs 4 lacs they should deduct my loan of Rs 3 lacs from my saving instead of asking to deposit first 3 lacs then they will return my 4 lacs. my contention is that society should accept my resignation and deduct my loan of balance 3 lacs from my savings of 4 lacs and return my balance 1 lacs. They say their by law does not permit such transaction. It seems me illegal and authoritative. Can I get relief from this. Whom should I approach .


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