Disaster management by co operative society

Disaster management by co operative society: The Co-operative Group Housing Societies and RWAs (Resident Welfare Associations) of National Capital Region of Delhi need to take immediate actions to save themselves and protect themselves from imminent dangers of loosing their wealth in the form of immovable properties in Delhi. We all are required to carry out the following tasks immediately:—

(1) Prepare Insurance Plans for all the immovable and movable properties with a view to keep them insured under comprehensive plans.

(2) Select a suitable Insurance company and take insurance policy for each property by including the risks of  (A) Earth Quake (B) Natural calamities (C) Lightening impacts (D) Sunami type Floods etc.

(3) Let us tell you all that as far as the Co-operative Group Housing Societies are concerned, it is prime responsibility of the Managing Committee to ensure that suitable insurance has been done for all the building and equipments of the Society. In all other cases it is the individuals responsibility to get your valuable assets insured.


In co-operative group housing societies, it is the prime responsibility of the Managing Committee to prepare a plan and train all the residents of the actions required at the time of any dis-aster. It is the responsibility of the Managing Committee to rehearsal the actions taken by different groups from time to time for dis-aster management.

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At present you have beautiful buildings for your living and we all need to protect ourselves from imminent natural calamities to get proper insurance for protection of our investments in these projects and our homes.


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    the head of Jai Lakshmi apartment is not working properly heavy charges are being laid for water charges, buildings are not maintained properly as they need repair, not taking action to solve the problems of residents. kindly help us in the matter.

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