Delinking of pension to pre-2006 retirees

Dear Veterans


This is in continuation to our earlier Posts on the subject.  We are here to inform you all that finally PCDA (Pensions) has issued the circular for payment of Delinking of Full pension to Pre-2006 retirees.


*As You all are aware that our society (Voice of Ex-Servicemen Society) has filled a PIL in the High Court – Allahabad through our learned Council Shri Subhash Chandra Yadav Ji, who is also happen to be a Veteran from Indian Air Force.*


It was due to the *pressure built up by Shri Subash Chandra Yadav ji, that circular by PCDA (P) has been issued so early on the MOD letter dated 30.09.16.*


Though there are many errors in the same as Hony Naik, Hony Hav and Hony Naib Sub are not granted the amount of pension they were due. And there are few other errors to which we will not like to discuss here on this forum.


Govt / PCDA (Pensions) have issued this circular in order to get the PIL dismissed from the court on the pretext that they have issued the circular. But we have already informed our council the errors, and he will for sure bring the same in the knowledge of chief Justice.


We are also writing the email to all the bank’s Headquarters with a request to release the arrears before Diwali, however bank will be able to do it as per their sweet will since as per law they are authorized for 60 days to make the payments.


*I would like to state that there are few people who have retired after 2006 to 2009 whose pension was fixed equal to pre-2006 retirees, 33 years of clause is still applicable on them, and our next court case will on the same, we will request all the people who have retired after 2006 to 2009 needs to contact team of Voice for necessary guidance.*


A big congratulations to all the veterans.




Rajeev Behal

Coordinator Punjab & Member Legal Cell

Voice of Ex-Servicemen Society

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  • Nar Singh says:

    Dear Sir.
    Please advise .I am pre 2006 retiree .I am ex Sgt. Total qualifying service. I got appx rs 1.1 lacs as arrears in Jan 2016.
    I want to know Whether I am eligible to get the benefit of circular DL 568 issued in Oct 2016 or not .The arrears I got in Jan 2016 was linked to DL 568
    Please advise I shall be highly thankful.
    Sincerely yours
    Nar Singh.

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