Comment on Deficiencies in services by co-operative society by aarti.

we own a ground floor house in a group housing society , a few days back mcd in a drive to demolish encroachments , demolished our balcony grill .. the society accepted it was not unauthorized but did not come out to help at the same time one of the side wall is encroached by the neighbour against which we have been telling the society but .. they promised that it would be seen in this demolition but nothing happened to that particular issue and we faced a loss.. we do not have access to our window and they dry clothes on our wall the society does not help in any way and say we need to take our own action.. we after the incidence put a complain to the mcd commissioner but not heard any thing since nov 15 .. kindly guide in the order we need to proceed .. we have also asked for our map which the society has not given us. we are a second owner of this flat. the flat is in east delhi society. thanks you

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