Comment on Deficiencies in services by co-operative society by Dilip.

I have a parking slot sandwitched between 2 other slots. When I purchased the flat 6 years back, the builder said he has only this slot vacant and available. Since i had no option at that time i acceped the same.This slot being sandwitched I have a great difficulty to remove anc park my vehicle. Many a times i have to depend on tne mood of the front or rear slot owner. However now after formation of society it is found that there are few more slots vacant. The society is alloting them to the members who were not given parking by the builder. When I requested the Mg.Committee to consider my case, the Mg.Committee is refusing my request on the grounds that I had accepted the parking slot willingly from the builder.The Mg.committee is not ready to use their powers under the bye laws. Kindly guide me what course of legal action I can adopt in this matter.

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