Comment on Deficiencies in services by co-operative society by RENUKA R KALYANKAR.

Respected Sir,

I Renuka (BJP worker) from Mandalagaon, MAnkhurd , Ward No 144, would like to request you to guide me regarding the mismanagement of our Chawl Cooperative Society.
No body dares to proceed for complaining and hence since the last 5-6 yrs no proper functioning of the society is going on. We want to set a new committee of members mainly ladies , for which we want to get ur guidance, since no proper maintainence of records, payment of bills had been carried out. Even the Audit has not been done regularly. They are not ready to show the book of records.
Our Chawl in Mandalagaon in under BARC, for which we want to present ourselves in BARC for redevelopment of Chawl into Buildings, for which BARC is ready, but the present society members are having some fishy ideas of giving to Builder for which they want to earn hefty earnings from the Builder. In the process till now no development has been done.
Even the regular meetings to be taken by Society are not done.

Please guide

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