Comment on Deficiencies in services by co-operative society by DR.ANIL MATHUR.

A housing society of 78 flats at Kota rajasthan ( no cooperative society rules are made by govt so far) has only 23 stilt parking available and rest 55 are open. The society is charging equal monthly subscription from all residents whether they stay their on continuous basis or regular resident. But now they are deciding that stilt parking will be allotted to only who stay their on continuous basis . Now Question is whether the flat owners like us who visit their on weekly basis & likely to shift their permanently in near future be deprived of parking? We had also paid lakhs for purchasing flats and have equal rights to common area as per supreme court rulings. Cant they do it on rotational basis. What is legal remedy available. It may be noted that the nagar nigam kota may not yet issued the occupation certificate i.e has not officially handover the common area to society. regards. Dr.Anil Mathur

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