Comment on Deficiencies in services by co-operative society by V.Raghupathy.

Dear Sir, We stay in a Apartment in Chennai, TamilNadu, which is relative new and we formed our Residence Welfare Association in Apr’14. We had a committee of 14 members(with 5 EC members) of which 7 have resigned(2 EC members) now. The remaining 7 do not want to resign nor do any welfare for the society. We requested to call for EGM with majority signing a letter and tried to handover the letter to Secty, However, the Secty denied accepting the letter and term it as Illegal. Please Suggest us as to what is the process to dissolve the present committee and call for EGM. (Please note its a society of 68 flats of which 50 have signed letter requesting for EGM)

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