DDA Housing Scheme 2010 Flats allotted by DDA New Delhi

The Disputes Settlement Trust has got a number of queries from the allottees for DDA Housing Scheme 2010 flats allotted by DDA at New Delhi. All the allottees are having almost similar problems of identical nature. All the allottee want that DDA has over charged and still not provided the facilities. All are individually writing letters, approaching various officials of DDA to solve their problems. A very few have got success also but largely the allottees are dis-satisfied.


WHY ALL WANT TO DO SOMETHING BUT NOT DOING IT ? The basic reason is that all have the money but no one want to invest in a case against DDA (considering it a giant). Second reason is give and take, which is not possible. If the allottee want immediate return of his efforts, it may not be possible by just writing letters to officials of DDA.

It is an old saying that if all sufferers get together, discuss their suffering, they will find that 50% of the suffering can be solved by them alone. The need to take action only for the rest of 50%.

In DDA Scheme 2010 flats allotted by DDA, different blocks/pockets have formed RWA. All these RWA are reasonably working within their pockets /blocks. They have not been able to get together yet to take appropriate action to resolve their own sufferings.

The allottees of DDA Flats of DDA Housing Scheme 2010 flats may approach us to form a separate pool and file a strong case against DDA. The Consumer Protection Cell of this Trust (a NGO) will help you to consolidate all the problems and fight the case along with you sufferers.


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  • Avinash says:

    We would like to be a part of the case against DDA. They have not completed the work in the houses and given the possession. They have also charged us for the maintenance jobs for next 10-20 years. When the quality of work presently done us so bad. How can we expect some maintenance from them. They have not done the jobs which should gave been done prior to possession. What we can expect them to do in the years to come. The lifts are not ready. The fire fighting system is not in place. The water fittings and WC / toilet accessories are not installed. What ever has been done is also of bad quality.

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  • Vikas says:

    I want to file a case against DDA. I am resident of a Vasant Kunj Flat Pocket D6. I am sending the filled up form at dstrusts@gmail.com

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