Comment on Contact Us by dhansukh shethia.

I am having and owner of a garage in co op hsg scyty in MUMBAI since more than 25 years and paying regular monthly maintainance.I dont have a flat in the said scty. I was having an electric connection but it was cut off as I was unable to pay elec bill in time as I was out of station for some time.Recently in july 2013 I requested managing commitee to give no objection permission to reconnect elect connection and also requested to give me permission to carry out internal repairs of my garage.But scty do allowed me to even change cable or do repair work. I approached police but they told me that it is civil matter.However police asked scty to give answer of my various letters written to them. At last scty has given me letter to give undertaking that I will not do any commercial activities.I have not asked for any permission for commercial activities.In the said scty there are 7 such garages where diff commercial activities are carried out. I have not made member of scty though I am in occupation of the said garage before formation of scty.Scty do not allow me to sale garage to other than scty member.In vicinity of this scty,other garages of other scty are mostly occupied by doctors.I request to please give your advise as what to do.

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