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Dear Sir, I have question do committee members can levy both parking deposit and parking charges for open parking? When the concerns raised by giving 25 members duly signed letter that we dont need parking deposit. Still committee members is not acting on it and advising us to wait until next AGM. Kindly advise even we are not getting any formal letter response for the same. Your advise and help would be highly appreciated.

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Public grievances of members of co-operative societies
Subject: Grievances over certain practices adopted by secretary, chairman and committee members.

The Respected Sir,

With reference to above captioned subject would like to highlight some practices which are unnecessarily adopted by Secretary and chairman of the Green Arch society.

1) Demanding heavy parking deposit for car and bike open parking facility, also asking us to pay parking charges monthly. We have already provided duly signed letter of 25 members to Secretary for removing the deposit of car parking charges.

2) Secretary called for urgent society meeting by just giving one day notice for dissolving the committee.
3) Taking undue advantage of the position, if we raise any concerns politely or formally it never get resolved they just say that the resolution is passed, so you need to wait till another AGM.

4) We never get any formal responses or acknowledgment of our letters and try to divert the topic.

5) Without intimating and providing correct bifurcation to the society members they are levying fines and arrears under maintenance receipt in parking charges section.

6) Also suddenly demanding for heavy building repairing fund without intimating the society members and levied under maintenance receipt to pay at one go in next 45-60 days around 15000/-which feels to me as a mental harassment.(We have already funded/paid 40-50,000 almost each flat owners one years back for the building repair fund)

My humble request you to please help and advise us to resolve the above highlighted matter as per proper procedure and law.

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