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Sir, I am a flat owner in a group housing society in Greater NOIDA. Some members of the Management Committee of the Society had encroached upon one of the designated, in the approved layout of the society, common open parking areas and built a temple and a dwelling unit for the pujari despite the lessor not having approved the proposal. Upon reporting matter to both the promoter and the lessor, I am advised that they will do nothing. This is in writing. Are they right and am I helpless in the matter or a remedy exists? Let me clarify that I am not against temple per-se but against permitting any encroachment because if this is allowed to stand, then everyday someone will come and do some other encroachment and there may not be any open space left for me.

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Sir, Many thanks for a quick response. Will it be too taxing if I could be advised about the applicable laws and the particular sections to satisfy myself that prima facie, a case is made out as suggested. Thereafter, I will seek assistance to file a complaint

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