Comment on Contact Us by parveen gupta.

Dear Sir, I am living in Vasundhara Ghaziabad. my flat is on 6th floor. On 6th feb when I was out station I got a call from security guard stating that 5th floor owners want to fix shed in balcony so need your help. I replied that I am outstation so ask them not to do anything until I return. But when I came back I found that they have fixed sheds in all the balconies. 1. and surprisingly width of sheds are more then 3 ft & lengths also 40% more of the length of balcony. 2. And more surprisingly shed are fixed in the lentre / concrete slab of the floor. 3. When I tried to remove the sheds he came and threaten me for life saying that he is local. So I would like to seek you advice : 1. whose right on the lentre / concrete slab-upper floor flat owner Or lower floor flat owner. 2. How should I Protest and fight legally. Their is RWA in our society and maint. is paid to the society RWA. Builder is not involved in any day to day matter. Regards. Parveen Gupta 9891379037

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