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The external wall / cement mesh which covered my bathroom fell off on 15 Dec 2013, leaving the flat vulnerable to theft and other issues like birds. Requested the society that we have never been defaulters and to look into the repairs of the collapsed portion but were told by the Secretary that what monthly maintenance charges you pay goes as RENT for your flat and nothing else and society does not have sufficient funds as there are many defaulters. So is it correct to let an honest paying member suffer for society being unable to recover money from the defaulters. Moreover there are other unimportant works being done like installation of speed breakers, installation/provision of mail-boxes, etc. which do not pose a hazard as that faced by me. Is the society not bound to do this repairs. This is all I want to know and whom to approach in case this is still not attended to.

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Dear Sir, Shouldn’t the cost of the lawyers fees / litigation be borne by the Society as it is a clear case of harassment by the Management. If the society does not have funds how is it incurring expenses in the relatively not so critical activities like replacing new mail boxes and new name plates for all 280 members of the 280 flats in the 10 buildings of the society. Could you suggest the name of any lawyer who could take this up. Regards.

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Dear Disputes Settlement Trust, My society is based in Mumbai. It is a co-operative housing society consisting of 10 buildings with a common wall and gated. I have purchased the flat in April 2009 from the previous flat owner with the society’s consent and currently hold the society’s share certificates in my name. All the buildings were built in 1983. I have the Agreement of Sale which has been duly registered and has the seal of the Sub-registrar. With regard to Bye-Laws I have not been provided a copy by the society office. However as per the society bye-laws if there is any works required in the interior of the flat the same will be borne by the tenant and all repairs to the building exterior will be borne by the society.

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