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Dear sir, Seeking your help to stop loot of public money by railway in ticket reservation. Railway is looting amount in 10 digits (by non-cancellation of wail-list tickets) by issuing wait list tickets and increasing this earning every year. There are 16 zones in railway (,1,304,366,533,1007,1012). I have got the data of only three zones. Just for tip of iceberg I am
sharing data of the zone which has lowest earning (based upon the data I have received) East Cost Railway division year-wise earning from non-cancellation of wait-list tickets:
2008-09: Rs. 21,97,88,037 in 9 digits
2009-10: Rs. 25,21,23,046 in 9 digits
2010-11: Rs. 27,80,70,887 in 9 digits
2011-12 Rs. 34,52,63,646 in 9 digits
2012-13 Rs. 40,26,10,405 in 9 digits
What is more worry for me as a citizen is that year-wise earning from non-cancellation of wait-list tickets is increasing substantially every year in all the zone whose data is with me and it is proved fact that passengers that booked wail-list tickets but not cancelled them means either they have travelled in bad conditions as unauthorised
passengers or have left the money with railway. In either of the case railway is earning (looting) in huge amount without providing any facilities like East India Company used to do.
Sub-section 2 of section of THE RAILWAYS ACT, 1989 No. 24 OF 1989 as published in THE GAZETTE OF INDIA EXTRAORDINARY: 51 says “If no accommodation is available in the class of carriage for which a ticket is issued, and the holder thereof travels in a carriage of a lower class, he shall, on returning such ticket, be entitled. to a refund of the difference between the fare paid by him and the fare payable for the for class of carriage in which he travels.” Whole bare act can be found at:
But passengers are not getting any such refund as mentioned above and this railway getting illegal money every day. Railway intentionally not making known this rule to passengers and further this rule is being used to get regular revenue. Railway having vast experience and being single player, rather than preventing such loot, issuing wail
list tickets whereby its earning increasing every year. E-ticket cancellations fetch railways Rs 750 crore
S.No. Years Tickets sold (lakh) Ticket sale income (Rs crore) Revenue from cancellation charges (Rs crore)
1 2005-06 25 317 2.85
2 2006-07 68 678 5.79
3 2007-08 189 1,700 15.61
4 2008-09 440 3,883 99.42
5 2009-10 719 6,011 190.63
6 2010-11 969 8,007 235.37
7 2011-12 1,161 9,498 198.80*
(* Cancellation figures up to December 2011)
What is more worry for me as a citizen is that year-wise earning from non-cancellation of wait-list tickets is increasing substantially every year. Is there no liability on railway to take steps to stop such loot?
My basic prayer would be
1. either railway issue only confirm ticket or if it issue wail list tickets, it must arrange required berth (Reason: Railway know well in advance that how many passengers in reservation class would be travelling on particular date and it be contractual obligation of railway to make necessary arrangements)
2. In case of RAC ticket (wherein two person share one berth) fare of one berth be charge equally from same instead of full fare of one berth by both the passengers (Reason: railway is getting double profit while both passengers of RAC are paying full fare for a berth and not getting entitled facilities)
3. Ticket cancellation charge/fee be taken only from the passengers with confirm berth (Reason: No loss incurred if passenger, with RAC tickets or wail list tickets cancel their tickets no berth become vacant)
4. Appropriate number of trains with total unreserved berths be introduce on heavy traffic routes like Jansadharan Express on Delhi-Patna route)

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