Comment on Contact Us by Krishna Deshmukh.

I stay in a housing society in Mumbai. About 3 years ago, the then managing committee proposed extra parking charges for the 2nd car, 2 two wheeler, i.e. Rs 100 for 1st car, Rs 200 for 2nd car, and likewise for 1st two wheeler Rs 25, and Rs 50 for 2nd two wheeler. No such increase was made for members owning one car and one two wheeler – they paid Rs 100 (car) and Rs 25 (two wheeler). Since most of the members owned just one or no cars at all, the proposal was passed by majority. My arguments , and rightly so, that there is sufficient car parking space in the society premises, fell on deaf ears. In fact the society has also earned additional amounts by way of overnight parking (said to be by guests of members), then where is the question of non-availability of parking space? Kindly advise if this is acceptable as per the present / then bye-laws. Thanks & Regards.

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