Comment on Contact Us by Amit.

I am resident of a Society in Dwarka , recently my friend has purcahsed a flat recently in same society and have got the registry done, the flat is freehold but due to my diffrences with Presiden t of the Society the present MC is unnecessary troubling my friend. As he and the seller approached the president for NOC but the Said that he will call a AGM and decide that weather my friend is fit to stay in the Society or not ( which never happened earlier) though we have got the sale deed registered without NOC from society. Now my friend wants to get some repairs done in the flat before moving in, and asked MC to permit the repair works ,now the President is demanding 50K as donation to Society and not allowing to carry out the work . Whereas last 2 flats deals in Society none of buyer or seller paid any such amount. Please advise the remidy avaialbel to us in such circumstances and can they deny to get us membership of the Society?

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