Comment on Contact Us by sanjeev kumar jain,.

ir i myself sanjeev jain is secretary of ATAM VALLABH CGHS,sector-13,rohini, our socy we have MIG,HIG,SUPER HIG flats.MIG FLATS DONOT HAVE lifts.from 1992-2004 maintenance charge were based on area of flat wise including lift charges. from 2005 lift charges were separated and mc were 500 for MIG 700 for HIG/SUPER HIG. NOw as per mumbai high court decesion it shoud be same irrespective of area.What is the legal situation according to RCS Act.After ur initial reply/ comments we shall be able to judge ur association with our socy. we may become ur member and take all legal advise from ur pl. advise for this querry free. THANKS

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