Comment on Contact Us by Manan L.

dear sir, in our society there are two groups formed, previous committee and current committee. though the current committee have done some good things, but as usual some decisions have been bad. hence before agm these few committee members have resigned. and all the politics behind the scene have made the two groups aggressive come face to face. Also, the old committee wants to come in power again. making things worse, the opposition group wants to dissolve the current committee. and the current committee does not want too. in fact, current committee is now left with just 2 members cos others have resigned. of 90 flat owners, 10 members want to go to registrar office with formal legal things. question: 1. what and how the registrar office take action? 2. will committee members of the old and new, will be accountable to the audit? 3. what happens to the current expenses as water, electric, sweepers, and staff, who is given right to pay the same. 4. if registrar feels, cos of the group-ism the society is suffering, he might not take any action only. and let the current committee proceed with work? has any such example happen. thanks

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