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Dear Sir, Greetings! we have a flat in NavNirman CGHS,sector-2,dwarka,new delhi, which have 120 members. On 17.3.13. RCS office conducted election and the members contested election, were unopposedly elected. The persistent defaulters threatened them of drastic consequences and by fear they resigned en masse from MC. These defaulters made their own ad hoc committee without adhering to the provisions of section 35(1) (2) of DCS Act,2003. Members represented RCS. RCS again deputed a RO to conduct MC election. The ad hoc committee headed by a secondary member as president and defaulters as scey and non-eligible members became members of the committee. They convened gbm with 15 members and took policy decisions like enhancement of maintenance charges. 90% members are not paying the enhanced charges as the ad hoc committee has no locus standi. This matter was also brought to the kind notice of R.O. But members did not get any response from him, despite the fact that RCS informed that now R.O. will take decision.

Kindly advise whether ad hoc committee may convene gbm and take policy decision when the R.O. has been appointed by the RCs. Moreover, the committee does not exist of primary members. they just highjacked the society as a retaliation since they first lost the election in 2010 and now they have not been permitted to contest election on 17.3.2013 on being defaulters by the R.O. of RCS. I shall be highly grateful for this common cause.

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