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I am residing in a society flat at 3 rd floor facing problem of water seepage from bathrooms of toilets from the member staying just above me (4th floor). Inspite of repeated request by me, and other society members he is not getting it repaired. though i have written to society management, but they also shy to take some action. I want to know rules under society by laws for members staying in society and affecting building by seepage etc. please guide me as it has created lot of problem in my two toilets and master bed room since last four years. anamika 9811198033

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sir, I just want to know about our rights as member of group housing society, what we can do to resolve the problem. Before going for a major action, we should be sure of our stand and know what can be done as per CGHS rules. You are right that my sister sent the mail but keeping in view that those are our neighbours we did not persue for legal action. It is not that we are not serious about the problems faced by us, but now after giving more time, i have made up my mind to get compensation as well from them as already i have spent so much money on the repairs and paint work done in places of seepage.But those people are not listening and repairing. Even MC sitting silent , that is why i mailed to know way out? thanks. Archana

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Dear sir, I stay in a group housing society in Dwarka, Delhi. I am facing problem of seepage from the flat just above me due to seepage from the three toilets since last five years. It has caused lot of damage in my flat two toilets roofs and walls leading to breaking of wooden frames of ventilators, pop and paint totally removed and associated deemak problem started. Our balcony walls also got affected due to seepage from other toilets. We have communicated this to them many times but every time they do not bother to get it repaired saying that we have already changed the pipes when we shifted in the flat at the time of possession.i.e. five years back. since seepage is not affecting their flat they are not bothered and just keep on giving false excuses to postpone the matter.
In fact when they were getting work done from that time seepage started and i informed them at that time also about checking the work of contractor, but they did not bother. Now in spite of lot of reminders to them, they are not repairing the toilets. We also wrote to management (MC) many times about this damage, they also went to their flat to pursue for repair twice and gave recently one notice after five years of our problem. But still i do not see any results and i am sure management will not do any action on them just to be in good books. Now i want to get your guidance that what should we do under such circumstance. Regards. Archana

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Upper floor flat owner not repairing his toilet seepage
I am flat owner in one Group Housing society situated in Dwarka and residing on third floor and there is a constant leakage from the toilet from the flat situated at 4th floor (flat situated above my flat) which has been increasing with time. For solving the problem, I personally brought the problem to the knowledge of 4th floor owner for several times but nothing was done from his side. I also approached the society MC for this issue. The Office bearer of Society verbally replied that it is the issue of between two owners residing and society is not responsible and answerable for this. However, the some members intervened for resolving the matter by visiting 4th floor but he is not repairing this and just living false excuses to postpone the matter. The situation is getting worse day by day. Now my family is compel to residing in unhygienic condition especially in master bedroom and toilets. As per my knowledge all the repairs of internal installations of the unit such as water, sanitary installations, and all other accessories, shall be at the expense of apartment owner concerned. In the light of above facts, Please suggest; what are my rights as member of group housing society?? whether I should take up the matter according to law? What are provisions exist in law? What can be done ? Regards, Archana

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