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Dear Sir,

Our Society had charged us the Property tax Rs. 4632/- when the actual was Rs. 2836/- in anticipation of hike in Property Tax from 2000 onwards.

Now the Municipal Tax has increased from 2010 to Rs. 5676/- and prior period it is Rs. 2836/- only.

Can you please advise:

1) It is duty of the Society to refund us the excess amount collected from 2000 to 2009 or

2) The Society has informed me that it is time-barred.

If it is time barred, can you please suggest how can I recover this excess property tax which is collected by the Society

I have the AGM this Saturday, 24/08/2013.

I will be grateful if you give me this advise/revert to me before 23/08/2013

Thanking you.

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Contact Us
Thanks for the reply
I am stay in Mumbai and normally Society pays Property Tax on our behalf and collects from us which is included in the Monthly bill

Can you please inform me the procedure to get the refund and justice


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