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Our Society was built in 1999 and possession handed over to members in March 2000. At the time of allotment of flats stilt parking was wide open and members were parking cars at their own sweet will without disturbance to any one as number of cars was very less that the parkings available. Over the period of time, number of cars increased and there is accute shortage of parking under the slilt. By 2004 slilt parking was full and members starting parking in common open space. Now the problem is that those who occuped car parking space under slilt before or over 10 years now are not ready to move their vehicles out but instead threaten and dares other to touch their cars. Stilt parking charges are Rs.300 per month under slilt and Rs.200 per car for parking in open. The present managing committe do not have solution to this problem as several suggestions have been made to the owners for rotational parking, leased parking, sale of parking but nothing is happending. It is dadagiri of owners parking under stilt for long at the expense of other allottees. Kindly suggest ways and remedies for this problem.

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Managing Committee must repair flats
One of our members in the Society is not paying dues of every nature for a very long time. His flat is loked and he/she resides in US. His relative has a flat in the Society who paid all cost sna dues till possession and little later. But it is understood that some dispute arose between them and since then no demand of the Society is met by any of them. Kindly suggewst what the committee should dio. We had sent a legal notice to him in US which was not accepted by them and returned underlivered.

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