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I am writing this comment to thank for your immediate response on this web-site. I have not seen any other organization or web site till date, which gives to the point and immediate response. I am also very grateful to you to connect me to your legal experts. With their assistance & guidance, I won 2 cases, 1 in Consumer Forum and another 1 in High Court. The only draw back I should say is they take more fee and they take in advance only. But I am proud of them. They are very honest, sincere & hard working. My thanks again May god bless you for this social cause for helping the public.

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Dear Sir, My co-operative group housing society at Patparganj is charging Car Parking charges every month for parking in the open space of the society but not giving guarantee of the availability of space of particular slot of parking. I have complained to the Registrar many a times but there is no action and on the other hand the Society has increased the charges of car parking as Rs.500 on 2nd Car, Rs. 2000 on 3rd Car and Rs.5000 on 4th Car. I am 4 Cars and I have to pay Rs.7500/- per month and still some of the time there is no space in the Society to park the car in the open space of the society. I want to file a case against the society for which I need your sincere advice for which I will remain ever thankful

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Sir, Our co-operative group housing society has not completed audit / statutory audit for the last 6 years and elections also for the past 7 years have not taken place. Several representations have been made to the Registrar of co-operative society but conditions have remained the same till date. Can you please help us in any way i.e. by giving guidance or by filing case in any court because the Secretary of the society has eaten away our payments also.

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Sir, My father had books a flat in a co-operative society in Delhi. CBI has filed a case in Rohini court in which we are appearing and we want to change the Advocate because the present Advocate is always sending his Junior, who is not aware of the case properly. Please advise contact of your legal expert and his willingness to handle our case.

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Dear Sirs, I am writing this to thank your legal experts for helping to recover my illegally demanded amounts by the society & already paid by me along with interest. Many others will take benefit of it. Thank you to such a great web site also. I am thankful to google to give me your web site address also. Thank to the Internet also.

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We have done many meetings and also given legal notices to our co-operative society but they seems in no mood to work according to DCS Act and DCS Rules. Can you kindly help us in taking our legal matter with the Registrar of Co-operative society. Please give us appointment.