Consumers beware of artificially ripened fruits

Consumers are attracted toward shining outer site of fruits in the market but they are dis-satisfied with the taste and results of eating fruit once they consume it. Since it was their decision to purchase, they cannot blame themselves. This happens because the fruits were not ripened in natural atmosphere and in natural time. Chemicals have been used to ripen these, which is harmful to the persons consuming these fruits

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Legal provisions related to artificially ripened fruits.

The use of carbide gas in ripening of fruits is prohibited under the sub-regulations 2.3.5 of the Food Safety and Standards (Prohibition and Restriction on Sales) Regulation, 2011. There is a provision of penalty or imprisonment with penalty for the persons who stores or sells or distributes or imports any article of food for human consumption which is unsafe and any food with is not in compliance with the provisions of Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 or the regulations made there under.


Consumers can identify artificially ripened fruit

Colour: An artificial ripened fruit will have patches and unnaturally bright colour unlike naturally ripened fruits.


Taste: Sometimes tastes also differ and one can feel a burning sensation within the mouth due to the traces of the Calcium Carbide. People may even experience severe reactions like a stomachache, diarrhoea and burning throat.

Texture and colour of the pulp: The artificially ripened fruit will look completely ripe from outside but it will not be so inside.

Juice: In naturally ripened fruit, there will be enough juice and natural sweetness but in the case of artificially ripened fruits there will be little or no juice.

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Consumers beware of artificially ripened fruits

Calcium Carbide is very harmful chemical for health. It contains traces of arsenic and phosphorous and when it reacts with water it produces acetylene gas popularly referred to as carbide gas.

Consumption of carbide ripened fruits may cause several harmful effects to health as calcium carbide has carcinogenic properties. It may affect the neurological system by inducing prolonged hypoxia which causes headache dizziness mood disturbances sleepiness mental confusion memory loss cerebral pedema and seizure.



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