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Dear Dr. Asha Sharma ji, First of all please note that your grievance is such that it can not solved at society level because the demand of other persons whether in managing committee or not has also to be seen by the managing committee. Secondly, please note that such options and facilities should have been evaluated before giving CONSENT to the managing committee for re-development due to FAR.
Have you given written consent for it or not ?
Any way the best way to resolve your problem is to engage any experienced Advocate or our Advocate to scrutinize the documents from you and file a case at a suitable forum to give you proper relief.

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Consumer Protection Cell Dwarka New Delhi
Dear Rajat Bajaj, No CGHS can disconnect power backup. You are advised to give a legal notice to society to not to disconnect power back up through any or our Advocate.

Consumer Protection Cell Dwarka New Delhi
Dear Gaurav Gupta, We only provide advice. for help and recovering money from builder, you have to file criminal case or consumer case either directly yourself, if you can or file through any or our Advocate. There is no other method to recover money from builder.

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Dear Sushil, You can find alternative solution from any or our Advocate by personally visiting & taking consultation on fee basis.

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Dear Seth, It is available from shops or from advocates against payment (Maximum Rs.500/-). Therefore, for taking the judgment you can contact any or our legal adviser.

Co-operative Society and RWA not doing proper maintenance
Dear Prashant, You are advised to complain to the Registrar of Societies of your State. Second alternative, you can ask the particulars you require through RTI application to the Society. Third alternative is to engage any Advocate or our Advocate to file a case to get you the documents you require.

RWA has to function under MC of CGHS
Dear Dheeraj Kapoor, You are advised to contact our experienced legal adviser after fixing time on phone.

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Dear Singh, First of all we have to see whether it is a society registered under 1860 Act or it is a co-operative society. Procedure and rules differ in these two types. Secondly, permissions need to be taken from all authorities for installation of the lift. The management of the Society cannot stop the labour from installing the lift after permission has been given by all relevant authorities. The lift providing company must be knowing the name of all the authorities. If all is done then you have to stop the management of the society through a court order. You can engage any suitable or our experienced Advocate to file the case to secure orders of the court in restraining the society not allowing you to install the lift.

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