Comment on Consumer Protection Cell Dwarka New Delhi by Dr Asha Sharma.

I am a resident in one of the societies in Dwarka. The society is undertaking the extension work due to the permissible increase in FAR by DDA. Due toe construction in my adjoining flats and other flats, there is considerable obstruction in the availability of sunlight and air (especially during winters) in comparison to the pre-construction conditions. My flat is already situated in a depressed location as its flanked by 2 other flats on the front side. The new construction has blocked not only the view but also the air and sunlight, as mentioned above. we have already brought it to the notice of managing committee members and requested to provide us the balcony to reduce the depression on the kitchen side and increase the balcony area of the already existing balcony so that we are able to capture at least the same amount of sunligt and air which is the basic fundamental human right.. After lot of persuations the MC has agreeed to provide the kitchen , but not increase in theother balcony area. To this decision of MC , few members of MC( especially those who are the owners of the front flats. They say if we are allowed to increase the balcony area, they should also be permitted to increase the area of their balcony. It is pertinent to mention here that these flat owners have already got maximum FAR( area inrease), in comparison to flats owners of other blocks. They have made it as a prestige issue. )ne or two of them being the members of the managing committee, are trying to use their power.

In such a scenario, where can we lodge our grievances.

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