Consumer Complaints by members of Co-operative Society and RWA

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As per Consumer Protection Act, the member of a co-operative society or a RWA (residents welfare association) is a Consumer.

CONSUMER HAS RIGHT TO SERVICES: The consumer who has paid his demands to the society or a co-operative society has all the rights to services promised by the society.

CONSUMER HAS RIGHTS AGAINST DEFECTS: Members of co-operative societies have a rights to get the defects in their flats removed from the builders and ultimately the society.


CONSUMER IS A KING: In the opinion of the Trust the member of co-operative society is a king because every member is a Consumer. The Consumer has innumerable rights.

CONSUMER GUIDANCE: The disputes settlement trust through this web-site provides guidance to consumers and all the members are covered under it. So any time you may seek guidance and you will yourself experience the time within which the guidance is provided by us.

CONSUMER COMPLAINTS: Any one can complain to this Trust as a Consumer and the Trust is having a separate cell which looks into the problems and remedies for the benefit of consumers at top priority. The fact is that the consumers are hesitant to approach the Trust thinking that it will involve a lot of cost. In fact the consumer do not realize that not only the cost will be recovered but he/she will also be compensated for the mental agony and harassment.

CONSUMER COMPLAINANTS HAVE DUAL RIGHTS: Very few consumers cum members of the co-operative societies realize that the Consumer is having the right to approach the Registrar of co-operative societies and also the Consumer Forum / Court at the same time. The fact is that by approaching both will being better and quick results to the consumer complaints.

WHERE TO COMPLAIN: Initially you need to complain to us by leaving a Reply below as a query or request for assistance.

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  • Sunil kankal says:

    I have strong complaint against Society for not fulfilling the Seepage of the flat. Please advice me on the consumer forum advocate to take ahead this matter. My area is in Thane, Maharashtra.

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  • Dharmendra Raval says:

    Can Managing Committee Charge Additional Extra Money from Tenents ( Who is staying on leaf & Licence ) for using Pool & Club House. kindly reply or send email on

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  • Shakti says:

    Commercial operations and frequent large gatherings are not allowed as per bye-laws of my society. But some residents, run these operations causing a lot of nuisance. RWA ignores such commercial operations. Security is under RWA control and they can stop this nuisance if they want. This has caused me a lot of mental agony and harassment. Can I sue my RWA for causing this harassment and not working as per the bye-laws? Also, I think the guidelines of Gurgaon, Haryana MCG state that the agency that has management of security has the obligation to enforce the bye-laws of the society.

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  • Shakti says:

    Thanks for the response, RWA is definitely aware of the matter but is unwilling to take any actions. By not taking any actions, RWA is condoning the bye-laws. RWA has the power to shut down such operations. For this reason, I wanted to know if action can be taken against RWA. Can I ask for compensation from RWA for mental harassment caused to me for something that RWA could have easily handled?
    Thanks again!!

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  • umesh says:

    Dear sir, in our DDA society few person 5 to 10 persons has formed illegal RWA without any elections, it has been 3 years they are not conducting lecetions, or holding any AGM and now harassing people, illegal collection of money and no accountability, kindly guide

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    I am a resident of CHSL in Dombivili (West). I was paying my maintenance to the society reguarly earlier and now due to certain financial constrains I am finding it slightly difficult to pay the same. I also informed the same to the Secretary when he called me to clear the outstanding to which I did not say anything. Factually the conduct of the Society Members are not helpful. They are taking steps and decisions unilaterally. If the member is not able to attend or does not attend the Meetings, they charge Rs.500/- from the member/s who remained absent, which i presume is highly improper and against the society laws. Even during the Ganpati festival they have made it mandatory to collect Rs.500/- from each and every member without asking the concerned member/s if it is acceptable to them. When I objected and did not pay this amount, now they have started harassing that since I am not co-operating with the Society they shall not issue me NOC for either carrying out repairs and/or sale of my flat. When I asked what co-operation do you need from me, I was told that I did not pay Rs.500 (for Ganpati) and Rs.1000/- (for not attending two meetings)? It is ridiculous on the part of the Secretary to make such allegations/statements. As I am staying in Ground Floor, dirty water comes in the Toilet and Bathroom as I was facing this problem currently, I want to Secretary’s residence to submit my grievance to which I was give the aforesaid statements (non-co-operation from me). In addition I paid Maintenance Bill in the month of Sept.2015 to which till date I have not been issued the Receipt for the same, when i asked the Secretary about the same, I was casually told that he is not looking into the matter and thus contact the Treasurer. PLS ADVISE WHAT NECESSARY STEPS TO BE TAKEN AGAINST THE SOCIETY & ALSO ADVISE WHO IS RIGHT WHETHER THE MEMBER (MYSELF) OR THE COMMITTEE MEMBERS. THE CO-OPERATION FOR THE COMMITTEE MEMBERS MEANING SUCCUMBING TO THEIR DEMANDS MONETARYWISE AND NOTHING.

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  • Vishu says:

    Hi I am the owner of a flat in Vaishali Ghaziabad. I have been facing issues related to seepage in flat because of the drain pipes are not working properly and my flat is in bad condition. Even after complaints to the society, they say it would be resolved but no action has been taken for it. I am already tensed about my flat. What kind of actions I can take against the society for not taking care of the complaints.

    Vishu Grover

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  • Jai Agnani says:

    Need guidance- our society RWA has implemented fencing for the grassy patches so that no one has access to these areas where as they used to provide a 8 ft corridor which was used by walkers and general access. It is now reduced to 2ft and is a hindrance. Our society has high occupancy as also very large to create barricades. There may also be an issue of fire tender approach – RWA is neither responding nor calling an open house where things can be discussed / cleared off- let me know. We are in Gurgaon. Do we need to take a legal recourse?

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