Conference and Press statement by 10 + 10 years sailors

DK/MK Sir, please consider this “press note” what I have written here as merely a suggestion only…

Press note


We would like to invite you for a conference, we are having at Coimbatore, regarding a judgement passed by the honourable Supreme court of India.

We are ex Sailors of the Indian Navy, who have served for 10 years or more and should have been eligible for a Reservist pension, which was promised to us by the Navy, at the time of our enrolment, but not given.

Most of us have joined the Navy as Boy entry recruits at our tender age, between 15 to 17 years. At the time of our enrolment we had to sign an agreement with the Navy, for an active service of 10 years, which will be followed by 10 more years, during which we were to be placed as Fleet reserves. On completion of those 20 years(ie : 10 years active + 10 years reserve), we were promised with a Reservist pension.

However, on 03 July 1976 The Navy has arbitrarily passed an order, stopping the Fleet reserve system and the Reservist pension altogether, with out giving any notice to the affected Sailors. And during those days, there were no means of any advanced communication (like mobile phones, social media etc..etc..) available, through which we could have known about such an order. And we all were unaware of it till we have put up our application for reservist pension, on completion of our ’10 years as resevist’ period.

Since then that order of the Navy had been challenged by us at various levels, like AFTs, Courts etc. And finally, the honorable Supreme court of India has given their judgement on 28 October 2016, in our(ie : the affected sailors’)favour. In it’s Verdict, the honorable Court has ordered the Indian Navy to grant a ‘Special pension’, from three years prior to the  judgement, to all those sailors who were affected(by the Navy”s order dated 03 July 1976), with in 3 months from the date of the Apex court’s judgement. Based on this verdict we all have forwarded our application to the Navy  for granting of special pension. But even after the time limit of 3 months is over, the Navy hasn’t shown any    sympathy to us. They have not given any response to our  applications, RTI requests or grievances filed by us.

It may be noted that, many of us are War veterans, having fought in the wars of 1965 and/or 1971 ! Some are aged 70years or more ! And are at the very end of their life span, urgently in need of some sort of  financial support since they have no other income.

Therefore we have called for a conferance of all the affected sailors..

1)To condemn the Navy’s attittude towards us.

2)And to express our grievances in the delay in implementation of the apex court’s verdict by the authorities.

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  • Mohan rao indian says:

    Dear all, This is a good job. Bring all involved parties on the road playing all tricks and techniques to avoid paying rightful pension with initial engagement of 10 Long years served and released Indian Naval Sailors / servicemen. Do not believe any of this dirty game players. Looking for weak area to divert the issue. THE PARTIES THINK THE 10 YEARS SERVED SAILORS AND RELEASED ARE NEAR AND DEAR BEFORE AND NOT NOW. THAT IS NOT CORRECT THE PARTY NAMELY INDIAN NAVY AND MOD /GOI SHOULD NOT SEPARATE 10 LONG YEARS SERVED AND RELEASED ARE LIFE TIME NEAR AND DEAR TO THE NAVY / MOD /GOI. NO MATTER THE PARTIES APPROVE OUR PENSION OR NOT WE THE 10 LONG YEARS SERVED AND RELEASED SAILOR , FAMILIES AND CHILDREN NO WAY ACCEPT OR ALLOW FOR ANY SEPARATION. BEING CLOSE FROM OUR CHILDHOOD AT THE AGE OF 14 TO 16 YEARS WITH INDIAN NAVY WE GO ON ASKING OUR RIGHTFUL PENSION.

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