Common Parking space of Society: There are many illusions among the masses due to increase in number of vehicles to be parked by residents or office goers at their office place or residential place. Therefore we are giving the legal advice and information to all and in case any one is having any comment, suggestion, advice or dispute, you may kindly comment.

All disputes shall be resolved by mediation, conciliation, arbitration or through courts – is our guarantee – SO PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS



This is space earmarked or allocated space by the owner (Govt. Office) for parking vehicles for All office workers & officials + visitors to that office. (Visitors may be restricted from time to time as per convenience of Govt. Office.)



This is space earmarked or allocated by the owner (Society in  their general meeting) for parking vehicles for all  Residents/Shop keepers/ Employees of the Society and  Shops etc. in the precincts + visitors to the Society. (Visitors  may be restricted from time to time as per convenience of  Govt. Office.)





This is space earmarked by the owner of the said place for parking vehicles for visitors and the owner has the right to restrict any one.



If a person has no purpose or business to go to a place and park the vehicle / car, it is deemed as un-authorized by law enforcement agencies.

For example: Mr. X has no business to visit JAI BHARAT society and still he goes inside the society and parks his vehicle as a visitor to the society. He has no purpose to visit any flat or shop or person in the Jai Bharat society, it is deemed as un-authorized parking.



The owners of the space if find any one un-authorizedly parking one’s vehicle at a place un-authorized for that one and he remains there even on telling to go, the person parking un-authorizedly is said to have committed a criminal offence under section 441 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860. Therefore, the owner can call Police and lodge a complaint immediately for criminal tresspas and intimidation.



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  • Jackob says:

    The President and Secretary want to pass a resolution to declare reserve car space as common space. Is it legal ?

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  • Leo says:


    I have a very different question to ask.

    I live in an apartment in Ahmedabad. We have bought a stilt parking from the builder only. Now the parking we have bought is little inside and we have to take one crucial turn before parking or removing our car.

    One of the society member has been parking a car in the passage which obstructs my way and i am unable to park or remove my car till the time that member doesnot move his car.

    We have requested that member multiple times little ahead by one feet so that our car can take a very easy turn without any damage (Please note – there is another 3 feet of space for the other member to park his car little further and if he parks the car little ahead it will not obstruct any one because that is the boundry wall of the society). This member doesn’t agree and he parks his car in between.

    We have multiple times complained this to a society and they have given us very vague answers like “You need to sort out this problem at your own”.

    We are so upset that despite of buying our parking spot, we are forced to park our car in open space because if we park at our parking spot, we wont be able to remove the car in case of any urgent work or emergency.

    I am ready to go the legal way too. Pls advise the way forward to resolve this issue.


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  • DILIP MANIAR says:

    Out siders parking their vehicles near the gate due to which neither I M in position to park my vehicle near gate in day time or if parking my vehicle inside my premises i can not take my car out due to obstacle (no vision) of others car.2hat to do?pl.advise- thanks

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  • DILIP MANIAR says:

    Against whom I should approach consumer court?

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  • RS Patial says:

    I have a flat in CGHS in Rohini. We live in Himachal but keep visiting Delhi in 2-3 months for a week or so. When we bring our car there is no parking space as the other residents have multiple vehicles and no parking space is earmarked. I requested the management to mark the parking space flat wise but they are refusing to do so. There have been scuffles on this issue but management is adamant not to initiate any action for solution. Pl advise what should I do? Thanks

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  • Surajit Sarkar says:

    I am purchase a flat as per GMDA , Guwahat Building permision 1st,2nd & 3rd floor Ground space full parking. But the promotor one flat construction in parking space , to give a tatent 2010 promotor shown tha flat is resident of security purpose. Now the tanent 03 nos car parking capture Thread to all woner dont tuch my vachil, there is one of my car parking he allyas tample my car & disturb me. The flat is woner ship . I paid GMDA Tax yearly.As per GMDA 08 nos flat sold 08 woners. There is no right to claim any flat, but parking place one flat construction to give tanent. now the tanent our car parking plase capture along with threat I am not go to other side .
    So please sugest me & Advise of Rule provide me

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  • M K Jain says:

    I am a resident of The eligible CGHS , plot 38, sector 10 Dwarka. New committee has come from 10th June 2018. Ist General body meeting was held on 15th July, 18, wherein the parking charges of Rs.1000/- for 3rd car and so on has been done. while in the meeting there were 14 members were present including committee members. we have 72 flats, but only 62 have actual members i.e. having share certificate. Remaining 10 members have not applied for membership after purchase of flat, due to Rs. 100,000/- to be paid to society as Funds equalisation.

    1. what should be the quorum
    2. Is parking charges valid, even lot of parking space is available because of vacant flats or some members are having only one car.

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