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Dear Neeraj, your problem cannot be solved without engaging any or our legal expert.

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Virtual Office at Delhi in Rs.10000 p.a.
Dear Vijay Gupta, clarity may be known to you. But as per us if anything has been done against the law, you have to file writ petition in high court seeking legal remedy. Therefore, you are requested to get in touch with any or our advocate along with all documents and summary of the case.

No FIR against Advocate or Doctor said Supreme Court
Dear Sunil, Any one can carry photocopy of original. You show them the original and pay for not carrying original, the matter will end. Else you can acquire Duplicate from the transport department also. You can talk to VIJAY DALAL 9990633330. OR MEET HIM AT DWARKA COURT.

Responsibility and remedies for ATM frauds
Dear Niraj kumar Singh, You have to immediately report to SBI. If you do not get back your money then only you need to get in touch with any or our legal experts to recover the money along with interest and compensation.

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Dear Munna, CGHS flats should be tripartite agreement and DDA can be bipertite. No problem in further contract as per law as far as you do it through the registrar of the area.

Housing society’s NOC not essential to sell or buy flat
Dear Khandelwal, Your problem cannot be solved with answers. You need to get in touch with any our legal expert on co-operative societies and take a legal stand. Otherwise the society will exploit you people.

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